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General of Light

Win a battle against 3 dark creatures without losing any HP.

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02 May 2015
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I found an easy way that requires minimal effort. As soon as Robert joins the party, fast travel to the Old Monastery from the Map of Lemuria. Once you're there, fly up to the ceiling, exiting the building. Fly to the left and down the first cliff you see. You should see a gargoyle looking monster sitting on the edge of a building. Perform a surprise attack on him and you should enter battle with 3 weak monsters. Now just use Robert's Rain Arrows ability on the monsters. They should all die instantly.
BoatManJuzz07Super solution mate. Did it with Aurora and used a starlight (all) attack. Boom cheevo popped
Posted by BoatManJuzz07 on 03 May 15 at 01:00
VermigsAurora's Slash (All) attack also works in one shot.
Posted by Vermigs on 08 May 15 at 19:12
Mystic Typh00nGreat guide. Simple and easy to pull off.
Posted by Mystic Typh00n on 15 Jun 15 at 00:30
El BathosPerfect!
Posted by El Bathos on 28 Aug 15 at 21:57
b0seijuProbably the easiest of all the solutions, you have my vote.
Posted by b0seiju on 09 Oct 15 at 09:46
BarLennonGreat solution, worked first time! Upvote 👍
Posted by BarLennon on 31 Dec 17 at 11:57
YAT0Fantastic guide mate
Posted by YAT0 on 25 Jan 19 at 00:15