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Bringing everything together

Six fragments of a memory.

Bringing everything together0
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16 May 2015
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This will be achieved once six pieces of the Desert's picture have been collected. The first six are to be found in order, like that:

Top-last/1c: From where you start, a bit to the right, between white rocks it is at.
Second from top-last/2d: Go down for a bit only, and approach a gigantic stone piece with blue engravings on it. It is to be found next it.
Third from top-last/3e: Next to a rock and a cactus, located to the left, down in the open area when considered to be located from initial view point, it is at.
Third from top-forth/3d: Stay on the left border's side, and go on. It is next to a great statue at its belly.
Third from top-third/3c: Keep concentrating on the left side when walking forth. Enter an alcove to the right, and take it from there.
Third from top-second/3b: Continue on the left side. Approach very tall trees with blue engravings on them, and collect it inbetween them.