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Frequent Flyer Miles

Halo 2: Beat the par score on The Great Journey.

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I got this one without even trying for it - was actually trying to get "Are We There Yet?" using Elite1111111111"s solution for that achievement to beat "the Great Journey" under 15:00, but playing on Normal on one of Halo 2's playlists. I've posted a solution for "Are We There Yet?" using the same tactics I used to get "Frequent Flyer Miles" and will repeat it here, with a few tweaks, as you can try to get both achievements in one go.

-Normal's your best bet. You can turn on whichever Skulls you wish, but I did it without them (again, was doing this level on one of the Playlists for Halo 2; you can't use skulls unless you're doing the LASO Playlist, and I am NOT that skilled or Hardcore to complete that). Also, before starting the level, go to Options and turn on the timer hud, so you can see how much time you're taking.

-Soon as you start, grab the Wraith. The Spectre is faster, but the Wraith does more damage to your enemies (the ghosts and other Wraiths in your path) and you can score multiple kills if you're good enough, and you will need to destroy the 2 Wraiths guarding the door to get inside. Using your own Wraith also helps clear away the Brutes guarding the door.

-Run past the enemies using the active camo to help get by the enemies until you reach the prison. Note, grab a beam rifle (kill the Jackal who has it on the bridge before the prison) or grab a Carbine just inside the prison. Don;t lose the Plasma Rifle, though; you may need it.

-Inside the prison, you'll need to kill some of the Brutes guarding the door to get it to open. I strongly recommend freeing the two elites AND the two Hunters in the cages (do it using the Beam Rifle or Carbine from out of the Brutes' sight). Let them do most of the killing, while you swap the Beam Rifle or Carbine for the Energy Sword; once you have the sword, move on.

-Using the Sword and Plasma Rifle to kill the Brutes on the platform to trigger the cutscene. Pick up a Brute Plasma Rifle if possible, and then hop into the Banshee and move on ahead. Kill 3 (yes, 3) Wraiths just after you take off, then wipe out the four turrets on the cliffs above, but then you need to find and kill 2 enemy Spectres. Swap out your Banshee for a fresh one if you take too much damage, and remember to alternate your main guns with the plasma bomb/shot (B button, I think) to speed up your kills.

-WATCH OUT FOR ENEMY BANSHEES! They can tear your Banshee up if you're not alert/careful.

-Past the cliff-edge where you originally began the level is a Wraith hiding on the left after the one fixture. Take it out, and then watch out for at least 2 more Banshees while waiting for Johnson to catch up in the Scarab. Let him blow the door open (2 shots), and then head on in.

-Just want to make note here: Elite1111111111 recommends (and I approve) to slip past the four Brutes that come out the open door you need to get through to reach Tartarus. However, the first time I attempted this, I waited and the door closed and did NOT open, even after I killed all the enemies, and had to restart the level to try again. Soon as you get inside the room with the incline, RUN ahead for the door on the right while activating your Active Camo to slip past the Brutes and get inside before the door closes.

-Skip the cutscene, and take out the four Brutes guarding Tartarus (I used 2 grenades); if you haven't yet, grab a fallen Brute Plasma Rifle. Jump into the center ring and stay on the middle level. Avoid Tartarus until Johnson shoot shim to get his shields down, then shoot him up with the BPR. Once he's dead, the final cutscenes will play (you can't skip, I tried).

-This should all take 11 minutes or more tops to accomplish, provided you don't need to backtrack to kill Wraiths and are very careful not to reload checkpoints (your timer WILL keep going if you reload from a checkpoint); I also netted over 10,000 points for this stage in my run. If you feel you're not going to make it, Restart the level.

I hope this helps. Again, main credit for this goes to Elite1111111111 for his solution for "Are We There Yet?".
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RadiantPumpkin makes it a lot easier of you bring the banshee into the tartarus fight. after the door is blown up fly up and over the debris in the room. get out at the closed door and very quickly get back in. kill brutes in the next room using the banshee. fly into the hallway. After the cutscene, run back into the hallway and grab the banshee then just shoot tartarus until he dies
Posted by RadiantPumpkin on 13 Apr 16 at 02:41