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Out of Your Depth

You're gonna need a bigger boat...

Out of Your Depth0
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19 May 2015
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I found that the best time to go for this cheevo is when you're searching for Submarine parts. Purchase the Sonar Docks at Paleto Cove and speak to Abigail with Michael (Strangers and Freaks mission). You will then recieve a dinghy to drive around in to search for Submarine Parts. You are bound to run into a shark sooner rather than later as you searchs the depths of the ocean. I ran into one just before finding the 4th Submarine part.
HEXEN666Totally right.

I found myself in the water on the third green area when searching for sub parts when old Bruce turned up.

Swum around in circles and, hey presto, Michael got eaten and the chive popped.

Posted by HEXEN666 on 13 Dec 16 at 20:46