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Achieve Übergold reward on all Old Blood challenges

13 Mar 2015 until 01 Jun 2015

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19 May 2015
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There is also an easier method to the cable car mission ;-)

First collect any nearby ammo. (Suggest going up the stairs)

It might take a little bit longer though. At the start of the mission there is a yellow ladder close to you that leads to a cat walk. Get on top of the catwalk and follow it round till your near the end. From here there should be a large pole you can crouch behind.

Next: Fire a weapon and blow up a drum and then simply wait. The bad guys will come to you. Here's the cool part, they will generally run to a walkway and then stop like a sitting duck. They don't even fire there guns!!! Simply pick them off.

Your score should pass 10,000 takes roughly 10 minutes give or take.

Then jump off the cat walk and follow the path towards the cable car, go upstairs and at the first opportunity take a right. Follow this path around till your next lot of stairs.

(Warning sometimes you will find one enemy straggler up the top of the stairs)

Take out the commander who you will see on your right as you reach the top of the stairs. If you stay up here on this level you should see an entrance way with a view of the room you need to get into. But take out the big heavy first!!! Then go towards that room you need to get to.

(On the other side of the room is the other commander, his in between the cable car and the room) If you go up the stairs to the room you can pick him off without getting seen. Or give him a second to see deadly end of you gun. Either way he is stuffed.

Then drop down into the room. If your looking at the handle you will want to smash the glass window nearest the console on your right for a quick getaway.

(You will want to take the same route you used to get to this spot)

Pull the leaver and run Forest run!!!

You will want to run back to that yellow ladder at the start and get to the Catwalk ASAP. From here simply wait for the bad guys to show up once more. I managed to get Uber Gold using this method.

(Note: its ok to let one bad guy run under the catwalk on the return trip, if more try to join him, just pick them off. For some reason the first guy just stops and looks at you.

Hope this helps

Pizza Crazy if you know how to make videos for this go ahead, I'm not that savy!!!