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Halo 3: Beat the par time on The Ark.

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II 4G Jacket IIII 4G Jacket II397,186
22 May 2015
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Ok, I found this to be the trickiest one so level knowledge will help a lot.
As soon as you drop from the pelican leg it past the first lot into the cave to the AA gun area. Use the rocks on the left to jump up and walk through the door to the area with the downed ship. I recommend using your sniper to headshot the brute between you and the mongoose, then hop in that and keep driving, trying to avoid the prowlers, choppers and ghosts the best you can. If you have an opportunity to, try to hijack a chopper or keep going, eventually you come to an abbandoned one you can knick. Once in a chopper head straight to the area with the AA wraiths and take them out with the chopper as well as any other enemies.
Now this is important, once Forward unto Dawn lands, you MUST wait until the screen says forward unto dawn and the scorpians start to be dropped. After that its safe to keep driving the chooper into the area where Guilty Spark will open the door. Once in this area you MUST take out the three wraiths in this area. Once thats done head up to the door and kill any stragglers, then Spark should open the door.
Head through and activate the bridge and carry on. When the scarab heads over keep walking and slide down the cliff to the scorpions. Grab one of them and keep heading down to where the scarab comes back taking out what you can. When the scarab comes down focus on one leg, then when its downed either hop on and take it out or simply drive to the back and shoot at the power core with the scorpion.
Once the scarab is dead head to the ramp and make sure you kill EVERYTHING on the way up the spire, otherwise the pelican wont drop off the arbiter or the marines.
Once you're in the room with the sleeping grunts just keep running through until you reach the cartographer. Then head back though and take out the brutes and the cheiften. Head down the slope to where the cloaked brutes are and jump down. Hopefully you'll catch up to the hammer cheiften and assassinate him for a quick kill. Johnson should then say hes coming to pick you up, meanwhile kill EVERYTHING IN THIS AREA! That should hopefully end the level and nab yourself the achievement. I managed it in 17 minutes.
Good luck ( and sorry for all the reading!!)
iPlatfootA video guide would have been better, because things like "rocks on the left" and "run through and then head back though" are pretty vague. But this did give me a good battleplan and I managed to do it. Thanks
Posted by iPlatfoot on 26 Oct 15 at 13:25
II 4G Jacket III dont know the first thing about setting up making a video guide!! Thats why I wrote it all down because there wasn't a guide for this one and its a bit tricky!!
Posted by II 4G Jacket II on 26 Oct 15 at 15:56
matdanDo not need to take out the wraiths, had them all still alive when 343 opened the door.
Posted by matdan on 18 Dec 15 at 02:13
Tekku Assassini tried it twice without destroying the wraiths and 343 did not appear to open the door, so its safe to say that you NEED to take them out first.
Posted by Tekku Assassin on 20 Dec 15 at 09:39
PunderstatementHey thanks for putting up this guide, I found it quite helpful.
Posted by Punderstatement on 02 Jun 16 at 09:50
TonySkiThanks for the walkthrough. I beat it with 19:58 on the clock.
Posted by TonySki on 05 Apr 20 at 22:50
MasterCrafty77See my guide - there is an easier (cheaper) way to get this acheivment - I got this in 14:18
Posted by MasterCrafty77 on 24 Dec 20 at 05:22
BeheldHornet41I played this with my dad and we got it in under 20 minutes, but the achievement only popped for him and not me. Any reasons why? Cause I'm kinda mad right now.
Posted by BeheldHornet41 on 30 Apr 21 at 03:40
I played this with my dad and we got it in under 20 minutes, but the achievement only popped for him and not me. Any reasons why? Cause I'm kinda mad right now.
Not sure, never tried this before. Assuming you played this in Local Co-op, was your dad Player 1/ ("host" sort of speak) ?
Maybe it only unlocks for whoever plays with MasterChief/ player 1 ?
Posted by eXistenZ8 on 01 May 21 at 16:13
CSARdiverHe was player 1 and I was player 2 in local co-op. Not sure what went wrong as we completed all the other par times by doing this and cleaning up the playlists. No skulls on or anything else we can think of that would prevent achievements.
Posted by CSARdiver on 01 May 21 at 20:30
II 4G Jacket IIUnless the achievement got stuck? Amount of times me and my mate have done stuff and one of us popped and the other didn’t and it unlocks a few days later or after a reset.
Posted by II 4G Jacket II on 02 May 21 at 09:36
Pure Pip RaptorAfter being rusty on the level and dying 3 times, I finished it on easy in 22.23. Taking out dying and not fumbling around looking for a door, I'm sure it's manageable to do it in under 20 minutes.
Edit: Got it second try in 18.50
Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 23 Apr at 22:21