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Twice the fun

Unlock a monster slot

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25 May 2015 05 Nov 2015
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This achievement can be unlocked buy purchasing a second monster slot.
The second slot is 100k coins.
PER COMMENTS THIS HAS BEEN PATCHED Additionally according to comments the costs have increased greatly.

At this time(launch day) it is glitched and will unlock without you having to spend the 100,000 coins by simply clicking on the "Unlock".

This doesn't save any time if you are going for the completion as you need to buy the remaining 2 slots in order to get
Monster Go! (WP)The CollectorThe The Collector achievement in Monster Go! (WP) worth 90 pointsHave all 3 classes of monsters
Oriole2682Great find! I clicked buy even though I had 0 coins and it popped :)
Posted by Oriole2682 on 25 May 15 at 22:55
STAGGERILLAworks today still
Posted by STAGGERILLA on 26 May 15 at 18:19
izret102No patch yet ;)

Devs did tweet that they already have a patch awaiting certification. They specifically mentioned the challenges but i wouldn't be surprised if this got fixed too.
Posted by izret102 on 26 May 15 at 18:37
GiinceeOh man :D I thought I'm the first one who will say that you don't even need to have the full price for the second character place to unlock this achievement
Posted by Giincee on 28 May 15 at 07:55
GrislyGrizzlyStill works as of May 29.
Posted by GrislyGrizzly on 29 May 15 at 12:44
Flyin HiveThanks for the heads up! Still works as of May 30th, but it may have been patched because the Windows Phone Marketplace has not been able to successfully download an update to the game since yesterday.
Posted by Flyin Hive on 31 May 15 at 02:19
izret102Version 1.0.1 is currently out.

It may have been patched then(If you are still running 1.0.0) or it may be patched in the next update that is supposed to fix challenges.
Posted by izret102 on 31 May 15 at 02:21
SPIRITWRAITHStill works, got it early this morning!
Posted by SPIRITWRAITH on 04 Jun 15 at 18:18
janiwesterlingI couldn't get this to work without paying the 100k so I think it's patched
Posted by janiwesterling on 08 Jun 15 at 12:21
test23manstill works today, I have only 5000 coins.
Posted by test23man on 12 Jun 15 at 11:48
d4rk antaresNot work for me
Posted by d4rk antares on 19 Jun 15 at 07:57
IzaacJDon't work for me in 1.0.4
Posted by IzaacJ on 21 Jul 15 at 14:49
ScottybonzoNow its 300k for each of the original characters and 600k for magician
Posted by Scottybonzo on 05 Nov 15 at 15:55