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Achieve Übergold reward on all Old Blood challenges

13 Mar 2015 until 01 Jun 2015

Über Player
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Phenix NocturnePhenix Nocturne830,028
26 May 2015
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few tips to do uber score

Keep Foyer
go in left or right place with barrier at the begining use the drop back grenade for 300 points

use silent kill with pistols and knifes
kill uber soldier with sniper with head shot
becarefull there are a bug: somethimes when you arrive at the third commander the alerte didnt pop all ennemies there are 37 target to do the score not 34 when there are a bug

make a 1000 combo: kill 2 soldier of the stairs with shotgun and there zombies forms, kill zombie with assault rifle and kill the civil zombie, there are one more zombie in the top of the stairs, after go to the basement and find a pipe behind the boiler to hide you and wait ennemies comes, do head shot and combo when they becames zombies, in the hyde place you can be shoot by the left so be ready to move ... kill one by one enemies and you can have juste the good score...

in the second part you have a place next a tomb in the left of area who arent shot by grenade and enemies came one by one to be shot

silent kill soldier on the right, and the commander of the left, wait the uber soldier came in the left and jump in the truck use the gatling illimited armo to do a wonderfull combo