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29 May 2015 05 Jun 2015
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*All of these achievements are missable. Make sure to get them before you hit the point of no return which is the Terminal that requires 128 Orbs. Before activating the console, you can use the teleporters and explore any area.*

This is a video guide on how to obtain the "X' achievement/trophy in The Swapper for finding the tenth hidden terminal.

Full Guide:

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To start head to the Mind-Science Laboratory section of the map which is displayed in the video. This is before activating the 124 Orb Terminal and right after the long cutscene with the AI. Hit the elevator and ride to the top. Follow the path to the right and continue through the door. Continue right until you hit the next elevator. Ride the elevator up and use the momentum to jump up and to the right into the hidden area. Continue to the right to find the last hidden Terminal.