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Reach character development level 35.

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29 May 2015 06 Jul 2015
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Most people will probably get this naturally if they're doing Contracts at an appropriate level. Optimally, I recommend making sure you do your Contracts while they are within 6 levels of you (if you're 6 levels above it, and the quest is gray in your quest log, you'll get no XP from it).

If you save all your contracts and are playing on Death March! (which gives less XP), you might encounter a situation where you haven't attained level 35 after finishing the main quests. In this case, the best thing to do is to farm a specific Cyclops. He is on the far east side of Ard Skellig, next to a place of power and the mastercrafted griffon gear.

He gives 51xp per kill on Death March (some report only 33) and 81xp per kill on Easy (according to comments), and you can make him respawn by meditating for an hour. If you're just short (as I was), this can get you there. It only took me about 20 minutes to finish up. It would have taken far longer to pick around trying to do side quests for minimal or no gain (and I'm not sure it would have been possible with them).

Here's a video. It's not mine, but it's where I learned this.

EurydaceNah you'll make it easily if you're doing all the Witcher contracts at the right level. Barely, but easily.
Posted by Eurydace on 30 May 15 at 19:27
hunterkillah789Death march gives lower XP? That seems kinda backwards now doesn't it? Makes some sense though, I'm about to sail to the isle of mists and have done every wit her contact except one and every other side quest and I'm only level 25.... Might have to do another play through on easy.....
Posted by hunterkillah789 on 30 May 15 at 19:27
Maxumilli0nHow much XP do you get per ? found? I have alot on Skellige but they're all in the water.
Posted by Maxumilli0n on 31 May 15 at 17:46
EurydaceNot sure. Very little.
Posted by Eurydace on 31 May 15 at 18:53
SparkronCurrently doing the respawning cyclops to get from 34-35 after finishing the game. Thanks, works a charm =). Also, a helpful tip, you don't have to move away from the area to meditate. Just kill him, then as soon as Geralt sheathes his sword you can meditate and he will spawn in front of you. Just be careful not to get knocked off the edge when charges.
Posted by Sparkron on 07 Jun 15 at 02:42
Calex dEUSI was about 700 xp off lvl 35 playing on death march and doing everything in terms of side quests etc. think i just had the fist fights to do.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 13 Jun 15 at 17:01
Calex dEUSOh tested this on the easiest difficulty too gives 81 xp per kill vs 51 on death march.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 13 Jun 15 at 19:16
Silvery DeathThanks for posting this, had done basically everything and was still 701 exp from level 35. Got to 35 in about 10 minutes thanks to this.
Posted by Silvery Death on 26 Jun 15 at 19:52
o0ArA0oTried this and the Cyclops only gives me 33xp per kill (better than nothing but I think they scaled down the XP ... I´m on Death March and lvl 24 btw).
Posted by o0ArA0o on 06 Jul 15 at 03:28
AG Bucky BarnesYup, maybe they nerfed the XP reward in an update? But only getting 30 odd XP per kill.
Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 06 Jul 15 at 21:53
o0ArA0oYeah, on 26 its only 31xp but I have some bonus xp gear equipped so yeah, XP should be around 30. The "Path of the Warrior" trick doesn´t work for me either.
Posted by o0ArA0o on 11 Jul 15 at 10:29
RockCiaytonI get about 51xp per kill wearing full cat armor set with silver sword that gives 20 percent xp. Im on death march
Posted by RockCiayton on 13 Jul 15 at 08:57
Capn BeavStill works after update 1.07
Posted by Capn Beav on 18 Jul 15 at 01:18
Level 75 NoobI got bumped from level 27 to level 30 during the Wild Hunt's assault on Kaer Morhen. Is that normal?
Posted by Level 75 Noob on 30 Aug 15 at 02:37
Goggs25I did this on easy with a Griffin Sword that gives 20% bonus exp against monsters and a Trophy which gived an extra 5% exp bonus againsts monsters I was getting 78 exp per kill.

Thumbs up from me
Posted by Goggs25 on 08 Sep 15 at 05:34
IllustriousYetiDidn't have to do any farming and nearly 200xp off lv37 without having touched HOS or ng+. I'm surprised a good number of players were struggling to reach 35. Maybe if you hold off from doing the vast majority of side quests before being 6 levels higher than the recommended, that could be the case.
Posted by IllustriousYeti on 01 May 16 at 15:21