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Wisening Up

H3: ODST: Find the 29th Audio Log.

Wisening Up0
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30 May 2015 30 May 2015 09 Aug 2015
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/!\ The Interactive Map, the Simple Map and my Video don't share the same numbering of the terminals order! Be sure to follow one option, but do not mix or you will get loss. Terminals can be unlocked in any order /!\

The Twenty-ninth Audiolog can be found during the mission "Mombasa Streets" using the Rally point 4 "REMOTE DETONATOR" or higher.

All AudioLog Playlist : Here

Interactive Map :Here

Simple Map : Here
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Crocsx I'm checking all the video right now, will keep you updated.

Anyway, all the audiolog can be activated in any order, so there is no need to do one before the other. The achievement probably just bugged and you didn't unlocked it on one of them.

Anyway I will check
Posted by Crocsx on 30 May 15 at 18:45
n4k3dLEE Found it! Audio Log 29 is numbered 10 on the interactive map.

Like I said, I've gave you a positive on all of your guides but just as a tip, you may want to link the interactive map into every one and tell people to follow that from the start. Again, the numbering definitely went wrong somewhere on your videos. Sorry I can't pinpoint exactly where for you.
Posted by n4k3dLEE on 30 May 15 at 18:55
Crocsx Ok, I sent you a PM. All the video looks fine, and as i said in the message, the order doesn't matter, this is the order I unlocked all the audiolog to get the achievement this morning. It worked for me, so you probably had a bug on one of the Audiolog and the achievement didn't pop out, that's why you have the last one missing.

I can't help you further I'm sorry, maybe the achievement will pop out the next time you reconnect, or maybe you have to do all the audiolog again to find the glitched one.

Sorry :3
Posted by Crocsx on 30 May 15 at 18:58
ResinousHashish This stupid achievement wont pop, been 3 weeks "done unlocking" haha
Posted by ResinousHashish on 18 Jul 15 at 17:42