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H3: ODST: Finish any level solo on Legendary, with no shots fired or grenades thrown.

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30 May 2015
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This achievement is best done on the level 'Uplift Reserve', the mission after locating the second clue. The requirements for this require no firing a weapon or throwing grenades. Oddly, this includes the use of the horn on the warthog, so just don't touch the right trigger at all (the boost in the Ghost is still okay though.)

When you leave the beach and head inland, you'll see a flipped Warthog with some marines guarding it. Ignore that 'Hog, instead going right and commandeering one of the vehicles to the right that already has a marine in the gunner. This marine can still kill, so he'll be doing most of the work for you while you run. From there, just continue to work your way through the level, stopping to recover your stamina(shields) in moments of calm. You will also have a couple opportunities to swap out for inactive ghosts along the path, which is recommended if your warthog is low on health or your racing against the timer as well as another Warthog shortly after the second ghost.

If done right, hitting the ramp at the end of the map will pop the Classic achievement as well as Xenophobia for not using any Covenant weapons, One Way Ride if you don't pick up any health packs along the way, Just Say... I ain't Dead if you did it without any reverts, & Deference of Darkness for not activating your VISR, and Floor It! for achievement Par Time.
KennyannydennyYou can also splatter enemies and still get the achievement, like i just did.
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 26 Jun 15 at 18:19
Prince Rolfit might be worth mentioning that there is a soldier with a spartan laser about halfway through the level. the same area that is a firefight map in odst on the 360. there are 2 soldiers behind a rock one of them caries a laser which is really handy to kill the wraiths
Posted by Prince Rolf on 11 Jul 15 at 15:38