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Saturday Morning Cartoon

H3: ODST: Is there a toy inside?

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30 May 2015 30 May 2015
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Start up the 'Streets of New Mombasa' level, at any difficulty, so you're at the very beginning of the game and proceed through the level like normal. After activating the Superintendent, you will be instructed to enter the first building in the game and will come to a courtyard full of grunts. Before you enter the courtyard, look to your right and you will see a couch in the corner and a box of cereal laying in front of it. Walk up to the box and it should pop. If it doesn't, try zooming in and out on it repeatedly until it does.
Maka91I made a video of this method, feel free to include it in your solution. :)
Posted by Maka91 on 01 Jun 15 at 05:25
RegnumSolipsiGood ol' Maka, always showing me up with actual video footage :p I won't take your video though. It's fair game, you have a video and I don't since I'm too cheap to actually by capture software of my own, so I'll let you land the upvotes.
Posted by RegnumSolipsi on 01 Jun 15 at 05:40
Posted by KazXD on 02 Jun 15 at 04:26