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Fowl Hunt

H3: ODST: Kill 3 Jetpack Brutes with a shotgun on Oni Alpha Site.

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31 May 2015 31 May 2015 15 Jun 2015
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Load up the level ONI Alpha Site at Rally Point Charlie. You will start with a few marines nearby, two who should have shotguns. Edit: Turns out the weapon spawns are a bit random, if nobody has a shotgun, reload the level. Swap out one of your weapons for the shotgun and hold on to it for awhile. You'll need to fight off a few waves of enemies coming first from the stairs to the right and left of the turret, then from behind. Clear out everything that comes at you until you need to take an elevator up to the roof. On the roof you will have more enemies to fight, this is when you will see Jetpack Brutes mixed in with a few regular ones. Kill 3 of them with the shotgun you took from your ally and enjoy your achievement!
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KazXD Thanks!
Posted by KazXD on 02 Jun 15 at 23:42
TopherXPwns You're welcome, glad to help!

Curious why anyone's downvoting. If anyone has feedback, Feel free to leave a comment.
Posted by TopherXPwns on 08 Jun 15 at 08:51
xAcer95x The marines don't have shotguns on Easy difficulty.
Posted by xAcer95x on 08 Jun 15 at 19:55
TopherXPwns I just went and tested this again just to be sure, I'm still getting two marines with shotguns on easy.
Posted by TopherXPwns on 09 Jun 15 at 07:07
Sighris No shotgun for me either
Posted by Sighris on 14 Jun 15 at 02:35
TopherXPwns Did you try reloading the level? I've gotten one or two shotgun marines every single time I've tried it.
Posted by TopherXPwns on 14 Jun 15 at 02:41
Sighris Yeah reloaded, it's random
Posted by Sighris on 14 Jun 15 at 02:43
THEpaynexkiller I had no Shotguns either. Had to start from Bravo, not Charlie.
Posted by THEpaynexkiller on 15 Jun 15 at 16:06
WhoIsJohn117 Got a Marine with a shotgun starting from Charlie the first time.
Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 26 Jul 15 at 06:43
TopherXPwns It seems to be super inconsistent. I've tried it probably a dozen times and had at least one shotgun every single time. Others are saying they don't get any. It's strange.
Posted by TopherXPwns on 28 Jul 15 at 11:10
EliteAssassin13 Thanks for the guide. Just went for it while I was playing on Legendary. Not too bad if you use another gun to enrage 3 Brutes. Then they come to you and you can fill their face with buckshot.
Posted by EliteAssassin13 on 25 Aug 15 at 00:56
Xyjar Yes, the ally weapon spawns are definitely random, but you can get at least one of them to spawn with a shotgun on any difficulty. But if they don't start with it, you can't "Restart Mission" from the menu. You have to actually Save & Quit and restart from the rally point from the main menu to have the random weapons be different.
Posted by Xyjar on 10 Sep 15 at 04:45
Kennyannydenny I had two shotgun cops spawn for me on the first try on Easy. Great solution, thanks!
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 18 Sep 17 at 18:44