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Well...Maybe One or Two

Kill 25 Engineers.

Well...Maybe One or Two-0.1
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31 May 2015
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Really fast and easy, go to Kikowani station on easy, Bravo rallypoint. Pick up a banshee and when you get out the door just go straight ahead. You will see 4 engineers on a small building, kill them and reload checkpoint to repeat
JackBlaisePerfect solution!
Posted by JackBlaise on 25 Nov 19 at 22:51
Mr Dan JonesKilling Engineers in Reach also counts.
Posted by Mr Dan Jones on 10 Mar 20 at 11:36
Notorious Kiwi+1 Quick and Easy. Thanks!
Posted by Notorious Kiwi on 19 Mar 20 at 10:30
Tarot BThanks.
You do need to be quick though, or your allies in the phantom will wipe them out.
I got lucky and got a check point just as an engineer was coming into my sights. :)
Posted by Tarot B on 14 Aug 20 at 10:10
CED RadBAD BOYI did the missing ones in Halo Reach, New Alexandria. At the Hospital there is one right in front of you when you go through the first door (in the middle of the round room). Kill it, reload checkpoint and repeat.
Posted by CED RadBAD BOY on 24 Oct 20 at 19:03