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Secret Agent

H3: ODST: Find the 6th clue unravelling the mystery.

Secret Agent0
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31 May 2015 31 May 2015
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This is a storyline achievement which can be achieved in Mombasa Streets. However, if, like me, you decided to just use level select to choose what missions to play, then you can miss this achievement.

To get this achievement, load up Mombasa Streets with Rally Point 6 (Biofoam Canister), and follow VISR directions to get to the Biofoam Canister, and then pick it up by holding cn_RB. This will award you this achievement.

If you get lost or go into a dead end, you can get helpful directions from your VISR by pressing either cn_up or cn_down to get an 'emoticon' target locator to appear.

The biofoam canister is located under a small alcove that's partially lit by white lighting.