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H3: ODST: Find all 30 Audio Logs.

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30 May 2015 31 May 2015 09 Aug 2015
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I unlocked all the achievement (expect the 30 the one you find during the mission)
in one run using the Rally Point 4 in EASY Difficulty.

You will find a playlist with all the audiolog positions

All AudioLog Playlist : Here

Interactive Map :Here

Simple Map : Here
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Its DFRAG This achievement is kinda glitched I might add. I got all 30 and it hasn't unlocked
Posted by Its DFRAG on 31 May 15 at 23:07
MajorOfSweden Do you need to play on a certain difficulty? I've listened to 5 audiologs today and haven't got any achievement. Yesterday when playing COOP I got 3.
Posted by MajorOfSweden on 01 Jun 15 at 07:46
Crocsx No, I'm now doing a poll on Waypoint to find out if people have troubles in some difficulty more than others. But i don't think so, I unlocked all of them in Easy and I had 0 problem.

You are probably glitched like many other guys, When you played coop all worked fine and that's why you unlocked them, and in your today run it didn't. We are all waiting for some answer from 343, for the moment you can just wait, many people are glitched like you right now.
Posted by Crocsx on 01 Jun 15 at 10:46
CheezNCrackerz I have all 30 as well and it hasn't unlocked for me as well. :(
Posted by CheezNCrackerz on 01 Jun 15 at 21:24
SuperSonicDelux I have all 30, and my progress is at 93% I don't know how to fix this.
Posted by SuperSonicDelux on 01 Jun 15 at 22:52
pAiNkIlLaH I picked up 29 game says I only have 27. The logs I am missing can't be accessed again.
Posted by pAiNkIlLaH on 02 Jun 15 at 00:14
Crocsx Well, as i said on the top, this achievement and many other concerning the audiolog are glitched for the moment. Theuy will probably pop out after some time, or when 343 will do the next update.

I added a waypoint link to the forum which I try to find some answer from people with the problem.
Posted by Crocsx on 02 Jun 15 at 00:16
Neeners Cleedus My brother and I did all 29 on co-op and then didnt feel like playing any more, picked up later and the Cop will not go down into the 9th level to trigger the sequence for 30th tape. Unsure if we have to get all in one go through or if it is broken.
Posted by Neeners Cleedus on 02 Jun 15 at 02:32
pAiNkIlLaH Luckily I just started the MCC. I am going to delete my game save and play again to see if I can trigger the achievements. I will post my results if I can't think of anything else. Maybe I can pop in a co op game and get it?
Posted by pAiNkIlLaH on 02 Jun 15 at 16:30
Crocsx I didnt tried but maybe if you join in coop the game of a friend that has't unlocked the audiolog, you can reactivate it and trigger the achievement
Posted by Crocsx on 02 Jun 15 at 16:32
C3LLDW3LLER Got all 30. 96% for Record store owner achievement.
Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 13 Jun 15 at 19:37
Crocsx One probably bugged, or you skipped it by mistake.
Posted by Crocsx on 14 Jun 15 at 03:13