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H3: ODST: Find all 30 Audio Logs.

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There are two methods to going about the audio logs on ODST for TMCC: getting all the logs as you progress through a run of the campaign, or simply getting them all in one run of the streets after you finish NMPD HQ (which coincides with Rally Point 4 on Mombasa Streets).

I highly advise the latter. Due to the glitchy nature (currently) of these logs not saving to your profile, ESPECIALLY if playing co-op, it is best to get them all in one go without quitting out and should only take about an hour.

Load up Rally Point 4 on Mombasa Streets (ignore the part in the video where I say to do NMPD HQ). You will be on Mombasa Streets with all the necessary paths open, and your next destination will be Kikowani Station. One note: for the video I started on the final rally point of NMPD HQ, so I actually ended up at a different spot on Mombasa Streets than you will if you load up Rally Point 4 on the streets. So just head over to where I start in the video and follow along from there. I show my location on the map at the start of the video.

The Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter map is great, but it is numbered more or less based on getting them as you progress. I elected to make a video that shows a more logical route to grabbing them all based on your starting location after NMPD HQ at this portion of Mombasa Streets, doing a loop of the map and ending at Kikowani.

You must collect all 29 logs in the streets, then carry on with the campaign. When you reach Data Hive, if you have all 29, a Marine will open a side door leading to the 30th one. I have not numbered them in the video because they dont have designated numbers. Whichever one you grab first will be Audio Log 1, the second will be log 2, etc regardless of what order you pick them up. Check out the video below for an on-foot walkthrough of the path I took to nab this.

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KazXD Thanks!
Posted by KazXD on 02 Jun 15 at 23:23
Hirogen Hunter Work great as described. Thumbs Up
Posted by Hirogen Hunter on 03 Jun 15 at 02:55
shelbygt5252 Great guide, I would recommend starting at NMPD Delta as that quickly matches up to where you are in the video.

This achievement is not glitchy, however, all the audio logs must be found on the same save file, if you save/quit and load up a different mission all audio log data will be lost.

I can confirm that this can be done in coop as long as you find the 29 audio logs and continue the campaign.
Posted by shelbygt5252 on 14 Jun 15 at 06:25
LifeExpectancy One of our guys didnt get credit for a couple of the audio logs when we did it last week. Perhaps that small ~150mb title update fixed the issue. :)
Posted by LifeExpectancy on 14 Jun 15 at 06:34
Fist O Cthulhu My achievement was originally glitched. I was stuck at 96% and I know for sure that I picked up every audio log. I had all the individual achievements and when I looked in my menu they were all there. I started playing the game again from the beginning with a friend and noticed when I went into the menu, all my audio logs were gone. My friend started picking up random audio logs as we played. When he picked up the 4th one, it finally made the achievement unlock. Not sure exactly what triggered it but if someone else has this achievement glitched, maybe starting from the beginning and picking up a few random audio logs will fix it. This happened after the update so I don't know if it was the update or picking up the random audio logs or a combination of both.
Posted by Fist O Cthulhu on 15 Jun 15 at 04:13