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Flawless Victory

Beat a tactical battle without taking any damage

Flawless Victory0
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02 Jun 2015 15 Jun 2015
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This should pose NO PROBLEM if you follow a simple rule. SAVE AFTER every turn (into a new save slot, of course), sometimes even in mid-turn. Every time you make a mistake, if you receive any damage or get into a pickle, just LOAD a saved game where you were still safe.

SAVING every move helps, becausewhen you for example MISS an enemy with your arrow, after reloading you may HIT them. When you deal let's say 14 damage, after reloading you may deal 16 damage. When an opponent hits you, after reloading they may miss. In short, the randomness is always generated on the spot, unlike other turn-based games, where reloading and doing the same action will usually yield the same outcome.

It helps if you have a few hunters so you can shoot from a distance and/or achemists with their explosive flasks.

I suggest going for this early on, the enemies will not be very tough.

If you use too many save slots, the saves might glitch on you. So I recommend deleting (not overwriting) older save slots. There were two glitches I encountered:
1) the game saved but when I tried to reload it, it said the game was not found!
2) I overwrote a save and then when I reloaded, it actually loaded up the OLD SAVE!!! The description said it was year 100 something but it loaded a save I had made in year 50 something!