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Don't Strain Your Metaphors

H3: ODST: Beat the par score on Uplift Reserve.

Don't Strain Your Metaphors0
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Par score requirement: 14,000.

I got this first try using this method:

Although I did have practice speed-running for
Halo: The Master Chief CollectionClassicThe Classic achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 73 pointsH3: ODST: Finish any level solo on Legendary, with no shots fired or grenades thrown.

Difficulty: Legendary.(Recommended actually is Heroic--more people had success that way--if you use Heroic, make sure to get more kills than I detail in this solution to make up for loss of points)
Skulls: Catch, Famine, Thunderstorm, and Tough Luck.

There's several important steps, fortunately the main point gathering is at the beginning of the mission so you can die later without worrying about resetting your points streak!

1. Run for one of the Warthogs that comes from the right side with a gunner already in it. You're going to use this Warthog to kill everything in the first area. Drive around at high speeds trying to get behind Choppers and Ghosts so your gunner can eliminate them, and AVOID getting close to the Wraith or it will tear you up with the Plasma gunner on it. Continue circling this area until all enemies are gone, and DO NOT stop moving for an instant. Once you've destroyed about 4 Ghosts(there will be a drop ship coming in dropping a Ghost), 2 Wraiths, 3 Choppers, and a variety of ground units, you're ready for the next part.

Point gathering should be done! I had about 23,000 points here.(Note: an optional approach is not spending as much time at step 1, and instead using the Spartan Laser at the large building in step 5 and take out the Wraith's for a LOT of points)

2. Switch out your Warthog for one of the other Marine Warthogs which should be just hanging back near the start(that's where my 2nd one was) if you haven't already switched.

3. Drive through the mission, past the 2nd Wraith, and change your Warthog for the Ghost that's parked on the little hill facing the way you come.

4. Keep driving until you see the long hillside with 3 turrets along the top facing you. Using the Ghost, boost up the steep cliff a little to the right of the last turret to the right. If done right, you should be able to just boost up the cliff--aim to the right so you end up far to the right when you get over the cliff to avoid getting shot, and boost around the next corners.

5. In this wide open area, there's a health pack right in front of the railing on the right. Then jump the railing behind the benches and head almost exactly straight for the door you need to go through. You'll climb up the first rocks, and if you hit them right you should be up and over easily. The bumping over everything makes it hard for the Covenant to hit you with the turrets, and you just need to keep going as fast as you can while avoiding running into anything. Drop over the far cliff, and floor it for the doorway. Dodge around the corner as soon as you get inside to avoid getting hit too much from behind. (Optional approach to this area, head to the large building, and grab the Spartan Laser that is in it.. take out the Wraiths, then waltz out of there)

6. Cross the bridge, swap out for the Ghost on the other side, and grab the health pack on the left wall just before leaving the building at the end of the bridge.

7. Continue boosting... when you go around a sharp blind corner to the right, start climbing the cliff on the left side, and about 2-300 feet past the corner you should be able to boost up and over the cliff edge. Take a left on top of the cliff, and get ready to make 2 very sharp right turns to get past the Ghost and Wraith.

8. For the last part here, roadkill some Brutes for fun(and points!) if you can, then boost through the middle once you see Covenant on both sides. Try to go just to the right side of the rock that's in the middle, you should be able to boost through the center of the area and up the 8 foot cliff on the other side. Boost to the right for about 5 seconds and you're done!

I finished with ~24,600 points in 7:37 time.
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Blood DM Worked a treat. I was getting shredded on legendary so I lowered it to heroic and still managed 21,949 points.
Posted by Blood DM on 13 Jun 15 at 18:39
Shadow 00 Fox Nice! smile
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 14 Jun 15 at 00:09
KANEFAN84 How can you neg a detailed solution like this, get a life losers.
Posted by KANEFAN84 on 27 Jun 15 at 01:44
Shadow 00 Fox smile Thanks for the support! I don't know sometimes.. take a look at this one for some head-scratching: Solution for Nice Work Dawg! in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 28 Jun 15 at 16:38
IIXDREADXII Just finished with 15,500 and it didn't pop...
Posted by IIXDREADXII on 30 Jun 15 at 23:29
Shadow 00 Fox Ouch. I just noticed your comment--have you gotten the achievement yet Dread? I know there was a period where the achievements weren't working well, any updates?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 26 Jul 15 at 07:54
S P 4 C E Y I got 21,000 on Heroic. Also put the Iron skull on. Very easy really.

You can splatter all the turrets and take minimal damage in the ghost. Greatly helps your score.
Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 06 Sep 15 at 11:33
The Sharkopath I did the skulls that were recommended but I did it on Heroic difficulty. I got a driving warthog and drove around while a gunner and passenger shot everything. I used the Spartan Laser for the 2 wraiths at the first area. Once that was done I just used the warthog to run through the rest of the level. By doing this, not dying, and in 10:37 my final score was 14,095. Just barely got it, but a bit easier than Legendary difficulty.
Posted by The Sharkopath on 07 Feb 16 at 16:38
Shadow 00 Fox Nice! Close, but that would be a lot easier....
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 07 Feb 16 at 20:39
The Sharkopath Agreed. If could have done it a bit faster or killed a few more enemies then that would have gotten higher score for sure.
Posted by The Sharkopath on 08 Feb 16 at 00:17
Punderstatement Yeah I'm glad you posted this guide but I found that the marines were too incompetent to kill things fast enough at the beginning so I took the warthog and gave the passenger driver the sniper you find later. Was enough to get me 18,445 on heroic. Thanks again for the tips.
Posted by Punderstatement on 05 Jun 16 at 04:21
Shadow 00 Fox Nice idea! Given that so many people used Heroic, I'm going to change recommended to Heroic. :-)
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 05 Jun 16 at 05:07
Steaksaucepie played through normal with famine and tough luck, died 3 times finished in 9:31 with 14,023 #stillcounts
Posted by Steaksaucepie on 16 Jan at 22:43