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You Go Ahead, I'll Be Fine

Win 3 matches of King of the Hill (not Custom)

You Go Ahead, I'll Be Fine0
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27 May 2010 24 Jul 2010
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With the latest Gears of War update (update 6), you can get this achievement easily by using "Social Xbox Live". You do not have to do it in a ranked match and with Social Xbox Live, the game will automatically start with Bots if it does not match you to enough or any players. Social King of the Hill takes away the hassle of finding other players who actually play King of the Hill.

Simply select this option in the drop down in Multiplayer and choose King of the Hill in the Game Type drop down. From here start your matchmaking and with any luck you will get Bot players or only 1 or 2 human players. Once the game starts, capture the ring location (area on map you have to defend) and get your teams score up to 120 to win the round. Win two rounds and your team will win the match.

Repeat this three times to get the achievement.

Bots are difficult in Social King of the Hill but might be easier then doing it with expert human players.

NOTE: If playing with other players you will get the full experience that you would in Ranked. If playing only against bots you will only get a certain amount for winning. You ALSO REQUIRE ALL MAP PACKS to play this mode.
roxanaversteeghow do you get the bots???
if had it on social xbox live with 2 controllers signed no guest
had it searching for 7 hours!!! and no bots not even a other player...

how the h... do you get this also tryed the "Beat the Meatflag" "It's Good to be the King" "ou Go Ahead, I'll Be Fine" and the Annex: Now With Execution Rules and Standing Here, Beside Myself.

had the xbox on for 5 days and every day searching for 7 hours and no bots it will not stop searching.

how do you get the bots???

please help i only need 12 achevements and want to get it on 100% compleet
can also send me a mail over xbox roxanaversteeg is my xbox name.
Posted by roxanaversteeg on 20 Jun 12 at 09:19