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Tactical Diversity

Deploy a Vanguard of 5 different classes

Tactical Diversity0
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03 Jun 2015 03 Jun 2015
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This achievement requires you to deploy 5 units or "vanguards" with 5 different classes into battle.

Assuming you checked the "balanced start" box when you created your game, your starting heros should be made up of three classes; Caberjack, Hunter, and Alchemist.

There are 9 classes in the game, the 3 base classes and 2 "hybrid variants of each".

Hybrid classes are created by breeding 2 different class heros together in keeps.

The list of hybrid classes are as follows:

Caberjack(Regent) + Hunter(Partner) = Shadowjack
Caberjack(Regent) + Alchemist(Partner) = Blastcapper
Alchemist(Regent) + Hunter(Partner) = Boomstriker
Alchemist(Regent) ]+ Caberjack(Partner) = Brewtalist
Hunter(Regent) + Caberjack(Partner) = Enforcer
Hunter(Regent) + Alchemist(Partner) = Trickshot

So the fastest way to do this would be to simply build 2 keeps as fast as you can, than start breeding your classes, and waiting for your trainees to come of age. Then simply deploy 5 different classes into a battle and achievement unlocked.
mosin360I didn't pay much attention early in the game and lost the ability to make a lot of the classes. Thankfully rewards of heroes for defending regions saved my butt late in my game.
Posted by mosin360 on 14 Jan 16 at 15:48