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Keep Defending

Defend your first Keep

Keep Defending0
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This will be the first achievement in this game that you will unlock. After starting a new game, you are going to choose some bloodlines to start with. After that you will directly be thrown into the first combat of that game. The achievement will unlock after you have completed this combat.

Here are some hints to help you getting comfortable with Massive Chalice (These have been posted by nayR2012 on I take no credit for these tips, I just wanted to share them here, since they helped me alot at the beginning of the game) :

"Many achievements will come through natural progression, but you need to plan ahead for a few achievements and general quality of life.

When starting the game, double check your starting families have somewhat benefitial traits and personallities. You will want to carry at least three of your initial family bloodlines, preferably one of each class to the end of the game. Benefitial genes will help you in end game as youll be breeding a lot of characters with these family traits.

Don't be afraid to reroll (restart) your first fight with better characters.

Build 3 keeps right away to keep your family heritage alive. These will be baby factories that will keep you supplied with a regemine of fighters from all three classes.

Next upgrade your items, weapons, and armors. You'll have more time and characters later to invest in sagewrites and crucible. For now you need a well trained army and your intial limited stock wont have the experience to benefit the training buildings.

That being said I recommend you reserve 2 of the inner circle regions for the sagewrite and crucible as the outer regions are more likely to fall in the end game and cannot be rebuilt on.

After you have 3 keeps, a sagewrite, and crucible, in your inner circle and well trained characters with good items on rotation, now finish your map regions with 5 more keeps.

Dont wait too long as cadence attacks will begin corrupting your outer regions the longer you play. Always protect the region with the most cadence infections first, regardless of rewards.

This initial strategy should see you set for your first play through which I recommend on normal. Once youve learned the ropes and saved the realm, you can try again on IRON Brutal which will test your resolve.

You can use this video here, if you need further help in your first combat. Keep in mind though that Hero classes could be different for you, since the game jumbles these things up every time.

(video credit: UKxJOK3Rx)

Hope this helps you guys :-)
Any improvements? Please let me know in the comments!