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Level Beater 1

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Level Beater 10
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04 Jun 2015 12 Jul 2015
78 8 29
Word (Type) Size

Audi (Brands) 4 letters
Ford (Brands) 4 letters
Pisa (Country and Places) 4 letters
Hulk (Characters) 4 letters
Pepsi (Brands) 5 letters
Egypt (Country and Places) 5 letters
Japan (Country and Places) 5 letters
Google (Brands) 6 letters
Disney (Brands) 6 letters
Batman (Characters) 6 letters
Obelix (Characters) 6 letters
Popeye (Characters) 6 letters
Vegeta (Characters) 6 letters
Mexico (Country and Places) 6 letters
Moscow(Country and Places) 6 letters
Lacoste (Brands) 7 letters
Rihanna (Celebrities) 7 letters
Shakira (Celebrities) 7 letters
Pokemon (TV & Movies) 7 letters
New York (Country and Places) 7 letters
Superman (Characters) 8 letters
Las Vegas (Country and Places) 8 letters
Toy Story (TV & Movies) 8 letters
Star Wars (TV & Movies) 8 letters
Kellogg's (Brands) 9 letters
Mc Donalds (Brands) 9 letters
Coca-Cola (Brands) 9 letters
Microsoft (Brands) 9 letters
Spider Man (Characters) 9 letters
Spongebob (Characters) 9 letters
Will Smith (Celebrities) 9 letters
Tom Cruise (Celebrities) 9 letters
Katy Perry (Celebrities) 9 letters
Family Guy (TV & Movies) 9 letters
Los Angeles (Country and Places) 10 letters
Washington (Country and Places) 10 letters
Mickey Mouse (Characters) 11 letters
Harry Potter (TV & Movies) 11 letters
Rafael Nadal (Celebrities) 11 letters
Paris Hilton (Celebrities) 11 letters
Cameron Diaz (Celebrities) 11 letters
The Lion King (TV & Movies) 11 letters
The Simpsons (TV & Movies) 11 letters
Homer Simpson(Characters) 12 letters
Justin Bieber (Celebrities) 12 letters
Rio De Janeiro (Country and Places) 12 letters
San Francisco (Country and Places) 12 letters
The Godfather (TV & Movies) 12 letters
Game Of Thrones (TV & Movies) 13 letters
Big Bang Theory (TV & Movies) 13 letters
Krusty The Clown (Characters) 14 letters
Albert Einstein (Celebrities) 14 letters
Michael Jackson (Celebrities) 14 letters
Starbucks Coffee (Brands) 15 letters
Beauty And The Beast (TV & Movies) 17 letters
Redd FiveI had the same puzzles, but in a very different order.
Posted by Redd Five on 05 Jun 15 at 02:26
STAGGERILLAnice and glitchy, cant get this or connect to FB
Posted by STAGGERILLA on 05 Jun 15 at 02:30
GiinceeWell you know what? This achievement already glitched for me! After I finished the last card of level 1 the game crashed and the achievement didn't unlocked after restarting it.
Posted by Giincee on 05 Jun 15 at 08:06
R00ney1988I have the same problem as Cw Icecold has mentioned ... 55/55 solved... But no achievement -.- Goddamnit the same s*** again like it was with make it rain ...
Posted by R00ney1988 on 05 Jun 15 at 08:32
xLil SheWolfx^ same problem the game crashes as soon as I completed the last puzzle preventing me unlocking the now it's stuck as unlocked cry
Posted by xLil SheWolfx on 05 Jun 15 at 09:21
Hayz7890Completed this one and no achievement game didn't even crash didn't even pop up I completed the puzzle but its 55/55 ;(
Posted by Hayz7890 on 05 Jun 15 at 09:57
griffey95Worst case...switch languages, then switch back. EVERYTHING resets and you can try to get 55/55 again. Had to do that for this set as it quit on me once I hit 55 and didn't unlock.
Posted by griffey95 on 05 Jun 15 at 10:12
Incr3dibleBmanIt doesn't reset for me, the number of right answers remains the same after switching back and forth between French and English.
Posted by Incr3dibleBman on 05 Jun 15 at 13:09
xLil SheWolfxuninstalling resets it as far as i'm aware.........then after you re-install the game switch to flight mode and all the crashes stop.
Posted by xLil SheWolfx on 05 Jun 15 at 13:18
R00ney1988In order to get the Dr. Manhatten Puzzle, i had to switch languages... Redid the first Level ... But still have to get all Charakters... But now i can skip some puzzles, that are not in the character category (But still need right puzzles to unlock further levels...)
Posted by R00ney1988 on 05 Jun 15 at 14:14
umpa lumpa 1234Thumbs up, but it would be easier if they were sorted by category
Posted by umpa lumpa 1234 on 05 Jun 15 at 17:43
WyyvernWhat the person above said, the list isn't helpful at all because of the puzzles being random. Sorting them would help a lot.
Posted by Wyyvern on 05 Jun 15 at 17:59
Hanrec2Thanks for the list. Wish I read the comments first, I completed the level, game crashed chievo locked.
Posted by Hanrec2 on 06 Jun 15 at 20:03
STAGGERILLAcrashed in airplane mode too at the end of level 1...
Posted by STAGGERILLA on 07 Jun 15 at 16:22
Hanrec2@xSTAGGERxLEEx levels 2 and 3 unlocked fine in airplane mode, it did crash after completing level 3 but at least it unlocked.
Posted by Hanrec2 on 07 Jun 15 at 16:42
griffey95Yep, new update doesn't reset when switching languages, so would need to uninstall/reinstall.

Did have to go through the game 4 times to get the completion eventually.
Posted by griffey95 on 07 Jun 15 at 17:11
EverStoned77I had the problem with the game crashing after finishing lvl 1 & then when ever I tried to start the game again I'd get the tutorial again with the Audi question & as soon as I reached next question the game would crash again so then I tried re-installing the game which did delete the progress but as soon as I reached the end of lvl 1 it'd crash again & kept doing so until I instead skipped the tutorial ("close" in the bottom of the screen) & then press the back arrow in the top left corner & press play,not sure if it worked 1st time or I had to try more than once but any way after this I could finally chose lvl 2 but I did notice that my lvl 1 weren't 55/55 so it apparently it was when lvl 2 unlocked that it crashed so after playing through to unlocking lvl 4 I went back & played lvl 1 again by choosing the green "Play New Card" which eventually let to the unanswered cards I had left & when I reached 55/55 the cheevo popped without any problems
Posted by EverStoned77 on 08 Jun 15 at 13:59
STAGGERILLAnice, I just played level 1 again and it popped... now I have to beat the whole game again to get the other 2 I am missing... oh well thanks for the help!
Posted by STAGGERILLA on 12 Jun 15 at 18:17
Hayz7890Yes same thing happened to me just one cheevo left but cba all the characters for the 4th time.
Posted by Hayz7890 on 12 Jun 15 at 19:21
rocking23nfharry potter is under tv and movies, not characters.
Posted by rocking23nf on 13 Jun 15 at 03:21
GiinceeYep after new update I reinstalled it again and it worked. Got this achievement.
Posted by Giincee on 13 Jun 15 at 12:59
Im the LoraxPlayed lvl 1 twice still didnt pop, language switch didnt wrk either did uninstallin/reinstall..
Posted by Im the Lorax on 15 Jun 15 at 06:39
Hanrec2Mine unlocked at second attempt whilst in airplane mode.
Posted by Hanrec2 on 15 Jun 15 at 07:01
Im the LoraxThts what mine did too eventually but then it was a buncha closing and restarting in regular mode to get xbox to recignize tht it popped and update.
Posted by Im the Lorax on 15 Jun 15 at 08:54
janiwesterlingI had no problems when I played through this so the 'VERY buggy' part isn't valid anymore
Posted by janiwesterling on 12 Jul 15 at 12:33
Hanrec2The game was patched recently, should be able to play it normal now.
Posted by Hanrec2 on 12 Jul 15 at 12:52
The Fury I84IThis achievement didn't unlock for me. I had the same issue like some of the other comments. Game crashed after last correct answer and no achievement. Will have to try again in flight mode I guess.
Posted by The Fury I84I on 08 Aug 15 at 09:12
GiinceeNo delete it ans then do it again before you go further with your progress.
Posted by Giincee on 08 Aug 15 at 14:19
ApexAssassinThere is a answer missing. There's a guy with black hair and a red apple for 9 letters. First being 5 letters second word being 4 letters starting with J
Posted by ApexAssassin on 17 Mar at 19:12