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Progress a Relic to its maximum level

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04 Jun 2015
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Relics are a special type of weapon in Massive Chalice. They are more powerful than regular weapons, and gain experience (thus increasing their power further) by having the Hero wielding them kill enemies.

Relics can be received through random events, but they can mainly be created by the death of a Hero. The death can occur in or out of battle. They tend to be created when a Hero has performed well enough across multiple battles to have earned a nickname. Once that hero dies, there is a chance that a Relic will be created. This Relic can be passed down only to other Heroes of the same bloodline (surname). If a Hero wielding a Relic dies, it is again passed down, unless there are no more members of that bloodline. In that event, the Relic is lost.

Relics have a total of 10 levels, and each level increases the strength of the weapon considerably. Levels are earned by killing enemies using the Relic. To reach the maximum level the Relic will need to have gained 25,000 experience. This experience can be earned across the lifespan of multiple heroes. Once Advanced Enemies start to spawn the leveling rate will increase, as they are worth much more experience than normal enemies.

It is possible to have numerous Relics within the same Bloodline.
CurtiesonThis achievement is marked missable, do you know why? If a relic is lost at the end of a bloodline, can you never get another one?
Posted by Curtieson on 23 Jul 17 at 18:44
SergeusYou can get another relic if you lose your first one. (You can also have more than one going at a time.) I think it's marked as missable because you could play through and finish the game without using your relic weapons very much, so they wouldn't reach maximum level.
Posted by Sergeus on 21 Jan 19 at 19:34