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Use 50 Letter Aid

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05 Jun 2015
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After a few tries i have a solution. Follow me:
1.uninstall make it rain, tiny troopers, and what in the world.
2.install what in the world and start the game again.
3.set the game in Italian
4.answer 25 words. Now you unlock tier 2 and the game crashes.
5. Start the game and skip the tutorial. Dont say AUDI but press back and press play, select the Second tier from the first question.
6. You have 10 hints, press the button (basket) and select install make it rain or tiny troopers.
7.wait the Installation and come back to what in the world.
8.answer a word and you'll earn 20 hints.
9.repeat steps number 6.7,8 with the other game.
10. 50 hints now. Do it as soon as you can. And achecement unlocked
QuailFighterAfter step 4 should the language change? Game crashed for me after I installed the first game so I lost the twenty hints.
Posted by QuailFighter on 06 Jun 15 at 03:43
QuickMythrilnothing happened when i installed the games.
Posted by QuickMythril on 06 Jun 15 at 05:52
Xantium89Worked for Me. With step 7 You have to go back to what in the world by holding the back button.

And at step 8 I skipped to next puzzle instead of solving one. That gave me the 20 hints.

Also after step 4 I changed the language to make sure
Posted by Xantium89 on 06 Jun 15 at 06:15
Close the game, uninstall the game you have installed before and what in the world and start again. This is the only way
Posted by EDOARDO1 on 06 Jun 15 at 07:28
Good tips!
Posted by EDOARDO1 on 06 Jun 15 at 07:31
Where's the main problem? becauase of the crash or becauase of the 20+20points doesnt work?
Posted by EDOARDO1 on 06 Jun 15 at 11:35
EDOARDO1check xantium89,it's right...
Posted by EDOARDO1 on 06 Jun 15 at 13:46
COLStraightEdgeThis worked for me, but I also had to follow the steps Xantium89 posted.
Posted by COLStraightEdge on 06 Jun 15 at 16:10
QuailFighterThanks Xantium89, I changed language to French before installing both games and this solution worked for me. Thanks also Edoardo1.
Posted by QuailFighter on 06 Jun 15 at 18:30
DracoMightyenaI only get the asking for Make it Rain and not Tiny Troopers. I have uninstalled it at the beginning.
Posted by DracoMightyena on 06 Jun 15 at 20:35
Camilo x3Thanks! +1 clap
Posted by Camilo x3 on 06 Jun 15 at 21:54
EDOARDO1Draco,if you have a male it rain invite,install it. After that the tiny troopers invite Will pop out i think
Posted by EDOARDO1 on 06 Jun 15 at 21:57
DracoMightyenaI got both but I cannot connect to facebook through the game. I log in with the app then it kicks me out, not giving me the eyes. I beat level 2 using a few eyes and it crashed on me so really annoyed that I got to uninstall and install everything AGAIN! Ugh, this is frickin stupid!
Posted by DracoMightyena on 06 Jun 15 at 22:27
EDOARDO1Yes i know,i have installed and reinstalled everything around 5 times! But it works. You dont need facebook For this achievement (maybe yes For the facebook achievement if you havent unlocked yet).
10 from the start,20 For male it rain and 20 For tiny troopers. Not much more to say
Posted by EDOARDO1 on 06 Jun 15 at 22:44
DracoMightyenaI got 5 from the start, unless you are saying the 5 you use in the tutorial count as a separate 5.
I am playing and the game crashes every time I unlock a new level.
Posted by DracoMightyena on 06 Jun 15 at 23:05
DracoMightyenaI followed all the steps, however after following step 5 exactly I don't get 10 hints, I still have 5. I skipped the tutorial and pressed back, then pressed play and the second tier of questions.
Posted by DracoMightyena on 06 Jun 15 at 23:57
Guidalitymost important part is to follow the advice of xantium and hold back to switch to what in the world. I originally was pressing back and I had the 20 hints already there but when I used the 50, it wouldn't unlock until I held back to switch to what in the world. followed original guide and xantium exactly as they had stated and it unlocked. thanks, gents
Posted by Guidality on 07 Jun 15 at 01:33
evilgenius76This does work, but you may have to do it more than once, it worked on my 3rd go, the first time I didn't follow the instructions fully, the 2nd time I pressed back before tiny troopers was fully installed and whilst it gave me the reveals it only popped the use 10 reveals achievement but no more. 3rd time I followed instructions to the letter and it popped. So for those of you thinking this isn't working make sure you are following the guide exactly without deviation!
Posted by evilgenius76 on 07 Jun 15 at 08:54
kentgremlinAt step 6 I'm only getting 5 hints not 10. Everything else is fine
Posted by kentgremlin on 07 Jun 15 at 08:59
kentgremlinAt step 6 I'm only getting 5 hints not 10. Everything else is fine
Posted by kentgremlin on 07 Jun 15 at 09:17
QuiCkz NinjaThis worked for me, Thanks Edoardo :-)
Posted by QuiCkz Ninja on 07 Jun 15 at 12:23
EDOARDO1Tell me when a patch is confirmed,so i can delete the solution.
Posted by EDOARDO1 on 07 Jun 15 at 17:58
RandomlyEvasiveYou are an absolute hero. Thumbs up!
Posted by RandomlyEvasive on 07 Jun 15 at 22:23
EDOARDO1Thanks guys,i'm happy to help!
Posted by EDOARDO1 on 07 Jun 15 at 22:27
time2munch79This works. +1 from me.
Posted by time2munch79 on 07 Jun 15 at 22:50
napoearthWorks perfectly, be sure to use the hints right away before the game crashes and resets your hints. Also, the hints you get for installing the games didn't show up for me until I answered a few of the questions.
Posted by napoearth on 08 Jun 15 at 13:00
gatordeve86i used all 50 in Italian and it didnt pop
Posted by gatordeve86 on 08 Jun 15 at 13:08
Exe the HeroThis took 3 tries, but it DID work! Thanks everybody :)
Posted by Exe the Hero on 08 Jun 15 at 20:41
Fear The PeopleI managed to get the 50 hints at once and used all of them but no achievement??? WHat's happening?
Posted by Fear The People on 09 Jun 15 at 02:51
Tungo85i can't get this to work... tried like ten times now with no luck....
Posted by Tungo85 on 10 Jun 15 at 11:59
mdp 73I cannot get any bonus hints for installing the games nor did the achievement unlock when I played through the entire game and used all of my hints at the end.
Posted by mdp 73 on 12 Jun 15 at 01:36
MomentousFlea4I'm in the same situation as mdp 73, only my game crashed enough to where I didn't ever get 50 hints.
Posted by MomentousFlea4 on 12 Jun 15 at 06:30
Fadi kunAn update came out today which seemed to fix most of the crashing. I got 50 Letter Aid without connecting to FB or downloading any games by the time I got to Level 5.
Posted by Fadi kun on 12 Jun 15 at 14:05
Sambawebdelete the game reinstall it play from start to end and use all your Aids no longer unobtainable ore glitchi testes today :) 12.06.2015
Posted by Sambaweb on 12 Jun 15 at 14:22
mdp 73I've uninstalled it four different times and played to the end all four times saving all of the hints until I had 50 of them. Used them all at that time and nothing unlocked.
Posted by mdp 73 on 12 Jun 15 at 23:02
xMagicMunKixafter the update this is a lot easier:
1. uninstall the 3 games
2. install what in the world
3. skip the tutoriel and answer audi
4. press the basket and install make it rain or tiny troopers
5. wait until is is installed and go back in the game
6. answer ur second word, after this u get the first 20 hint bonus
7. press the basket and repeat steps 4+5 for the other game
8. answer the third word, after this u get the second 20 hint bonus
9. use ur 50 hints and enjoy ur achievements!!
Posted by xMagicMunKix on 13 Jun 15 at 11:59
Shadow KisuragiIt looks like achievements will not unlock if you lose connection to Xbox LIVE, and I don't think the app will reconnect to Xbox LIVE if you use fast-app switching to check answers.
Posted by Shadow Kisuragi on 14 Jun 15 at 05:13
QuickMythrilNice solution, but playing in Italian is unnecessary and probably a bad idea. Many of the answers are different in other languages, and as mentioned above, switching apps on your phone to look up Popeye's name in Italian could just glitch your game. I got this achievement in English, even after it crashed. It only gave me hints for Make It Rain but not Troopers. I got enough to finish afterwards, just from completing levels anyway.
Posted by QuickMythril on 14 Jun 15 at 06:25
Blema57I'm french and it works great I got 65 points ! so i used all and achievement
Posted by Blema57 on 14 Jun 15 at 13:12
MomentousFlea4Anyone still not getting the free hints after installing the games? I've installed Tiny Troopers for the first time ever and got nothing, even after answering a few questions.
Posted by MomentousFlea4 on 14 Jun 15 at 20:34
i don't get the bouns points for the games either. I've tried every conceivable combination but nothing. The facbook 5 points work but not the games.
Posted by DoctorPolski on 15 Jun 15 at 18:15
QuickMythrilinteresting cause every time i tried facebook i got a weird sign in error. and as i said above i got points for installing one game and not the other, back to back. but that was enough and i am done, good luck to you all. i just suggest to keep trying. uninstall and reinstall.
Posted by QuickMythril on 15 Jun 15 at 18:21
Mav Ryk 1No hints from the other games gere either,tried a million times,used the guides to get to the end and now I'm screwed,no questions to use hints on.
Posted by Mav Ryk 1 on 09 Jul 15 at 04:39