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Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Halo 2: Complete a level in co-op on Heroic or Legendary with the Masterblaster Skull active.

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King Chemistry's solution is good but there is faster : choose the mission Uprising, set the difficulty to Heroic, plug in a second controller or invite a friend and let's roll !
The player with the overshield simply need to speedrun the mission, using his camo when he comes by a pack of ennemies to simply skip them.

Here's a video to show how to speedrun the mission in Heroic without anything else than melee (obviously, it's more comfortable with the overshield).

ps : It took me less than 3 minutes using this method.

EDIT : Gameclip got deleted from my XBL, and I can't upload a new one for now as I don't have 2 controllers anymore...
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Dan vasNormandy Thumbs up from me! Great solution!
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 04 Jan 17 at 04:20
Reborn Insanity Your video is broken it seems.
Posted by Reborn Insanity on 17 Jan 19 at 18:22