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Halo 2: Complete Uprising.

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07 Jun 2015
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Guide to get this achievement quickly:

At the beginning, turn left, and jump. Run along this ledge, until you can jump on another ledge to your right. Follow this ledge as far as you can, then turn invisible and run into the building. Run through the next couple rooms, using grenades to clear enemies out of your way. At the end of the building, turn left and grab the ghost that a brute chieftain is getting off of.

Boost through the next several areas until you reach "fight club." Kill the two sniper jackals there. take a beam rifle, and clear out as many brutes as you can. Swap to the other beam rifle and jump down. Advance up the right. More brutes will appear, snipe them or whatever you prefer. Keep moving to avoid the wraiths, and enter the building. Grab the rocket launcher and fuel rod gun.

It's possible to skip the wraiths, sometimes, but you are safer if you take them out. Exit, the building, kill the snipers with melee. Lock on to each waith with the rocket launcher and fire twice. Switch to the fuel rod gun. Use that to clear a group of brutes. Hijack a ghost, and boost to the end.
MiccoliFinI completed this level today but for some reason I didn't get the achievement.
I've been playing Halo 2 on heroic and got the achievements in all the earlier levels. I played on and eventually completed the last level and got the level-completion-achievement for it but because I didn't unlock the "Uprising" -achievement, I didn't get the playthrough achievements either (complete the game on easy,normal etc.) cry

Has anyone else had trouble with these or other like-achievements?

I pretty much speedrun the end in this level so I guess that could cause the achievement not to unlock but I'm not sure.
Posted by MiccoliFin on 30 Jun 15 at 21:06
MiccoliFinOkay, I played the level again and the achievement unlocked. If someone has problems with achievement ulocking,I recommend replaying the level :)
Posted by MiccoliFin on 01 Jul 15 at 17:11
Catching ZZZsI've played this level twice now. No achievement. It is August 2016, isn't everything supposed to be fixed?
Posted by Catching ZZZs on 09 Aug 16 at 02:27
EYEHUNTER 42Catching ZZZs, is the achievement showing done...unlocking? Have you tried playing the level with all skulls and scoring off?
Posted by EYEHUNTER 42 on 09 Aug 16 at 02:53
Catching ZZZsYeah scoring and skulls were off. I don't see "done....unlocking" which I have seen before on another game, which eventually fixed itself. It just says 100% with a lock symbol. It's probably the same problem and I'll just have to wait it out. Just frustrating that it can still happen.facepalm
Edit: Just popped, a day after I got it. Better late than never. Your guide helped me get through the level again faster though so thumbs up from me.
Posted by Catching ZZZs on 09 Aug 16 at 19:04