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Run pass 999 meters in endless mode

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08 Jun 2015 19 Jun 2015
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To unlock endless mode you must first kill five bosses

Fixed with patch 1.0.3

Now you can normally do it


Solution for older versions than 1.0.3

start a game in endless mode.

start it over and over again till you get the first level the one with the yellowish street blocks

finish it

if you die cancel the revive and hit AGAIN! (nothing else only this)

you get a new lvl. if it is not lvl one die cancel revive hit again! you can do this as much as you like.

when you have already 999 meters you have to actually beat the boss at the end of the level then die in the next stage for it to pop.

Solution written by Sambaweb
MrZombieChickenGood solution. One more thing to add though: the achievement does not unlock when you get to 999 meters. You have to actually beat the boss at the end of the level then die in the next stage for it to pop. At least that's how it was for me.
Posted by MrZombieChicken on 08 Jun 15 at 20:09
janiwesterlingTook me a while to understand what you were describing, but once I figured out that you can play the easiest level to the end and die when another level turns up, then no revive & again it cleared for me. Thanks MrZombieChicken for your addition, got a bit worried for a while. The achievement unlocks upon death indeed.
Posted by janiwesterling on 09 Jun 15 at 07:44
WizZy PLUpdated thanks
Posted by WizZy PL on 09 Jun 15 at 13:28
YAT0Great guide thanks
Posted by YAT0 on 15 Jun 15 at 20:03
dale smeegleHow do you start endless mode?
Posted by dale smeegle on 16 Jun 15 at 12:18
WizZy PLYou must kill five bosses
Posted by WizZy PL on 16 Jun 15 at 14:01
Larvi1The game keeps glitching on me before I get to the end. The last time I just beat the 5th boss and was at 900m but somehow the pause screen gets reversed after the boss battle where the game is only unpaused when it is up so you can't do anything. Pretty frustrating.
Posted by Larvi1 on 16 Jun 15 at 15:14
WizZy PLEveryone have like this,just do like in the solution
Posted by WizZy PL on 16 Jun 15 at 15:33
Larvi1Thanks. Was able to get it finally following your guide.
Posted by Larvi1 on 16 Jun 15 at 22:30
Sambawebthis was fixed with patch 1.0.3 but works on older versions :) pls add this ;)
Posted by Sambaweb on 19 Jun 15 at 09:18
InkyPawsBoo! Late to the party. Wish you could roll back game updates!
Posted by InkyPaws on 20 Jun 15 at 09:42
RiesPiecesAre there any tips for killing the Rock Boss without getting hit? He gets knocked down and I try jumping over him but he hits me every time.
Posted by RiesPieces on 08 Jul 15 at 18:03
UNDEADZ3LD4Any more news on how to do it if you have newer version I tend to be stuck n die at 500m Thanks
Posted by UNDEADZ3LD4 on 10 Sep 15 at 08:42
VixyNyanMAX Charge Attack (with Cooldown Mastery added) will make Endless mode a joke. Every half second or less after using the attack, it will be available again, so keep pressing that Charge Attack button and spam it against all enemies and bosses. It works wonders~ :3
Posted by VixyNyan on 10 Sep 15 at 18:49
neeker75I'm playing endless mode, and it's just a normal level with 200m plus a boss at the end. Weird or is it supposed to be this way?
Posted by neeker75 on 23 Sep 15 at 22:46
So I die before I get to the 6th boss at over 1000m, finishing the final challenge and unlocking the challenge achievement, but for this I have to actually beat 6 bosses in endless? I feel quite angry about this
Posted on 15 Feb 16 at 20:38