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Collect all Recipes and Schematics in one play-through

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A lot of credit goes to Markyshizzle for finding and posting the list on this site. All I did was spend a lot of time cleaning and organizing so it is more "easy on the eyes".....

At the the end of every schematic, I list if it's (Story Related) or (Not Story Related)

(Story Related) Given to you automatically before OR after a main story job.....

(Not Story Related) Requires you to find a certain NPC and finish their job, or in one case, find it in a certain location.......

Hagar Settlement

Wingsticks Schematic (After you do the wingstick minigame with Loosom Hagar at the top of a ramp to the left of the garage, you are now able to buy it off the vendor for $50.)

Advanced RC Bomb Car Schematic - Phallinx Hagar (I actually got this job from the Wellspring Job Board) - complete his “RC Prototype” quest (Not Story Related)
(I'm guessing that you can't get this job until after you finish Sheriff Black's “Destroy the Bomb Caches” job in Wellspring)

Outrigger Settlement

Bandage Recipe - Janus Outrigger - complete her “Where’s Juno?” job (Story Related)

Adrenaline Overdrive Recipe - Ramos Outrigger - complete his “Mutant Alert” job (Classified as miss-able because it is not story related, it is a side job available after finishing Janus' job) (Not Story Related)

Lock Grinder Schematic - Johan Outrigger - automatically given for the “Find the Buggy Parts” job (Story Related)


- Second Chance Bar -
Apophis Infusion Recipe - Richard - complete his “Miracle Cure” job (Not Story Related)

RC Bomb Car Schematic - Sheriff Black - automatically given for the “Destroy the Bomb Caches” job (Story Related)

- Kvasir’s Lab - (still considered part of Wellspring's main job line)
Mind Control Bolts Schematic - Kvasir - automatically given for taking the “Secret Delivery” (Story Related)

- Disc 2-


- Resistance Base -
Authority Augmenter Schematic - People report that its on the desk next to Portman, (I personally got it automatically after talking to Lassard) (Not Story Related)

Regenerative Infusion Recipe - Dietrich (Has an office in the area behind "Jani's Supplies") - complete his “Abandoned Distillery” job (Not Story Related)

- Authority Prison -
EMP Grenade Schematic (just near the entrance, enter a room off to the side before continuing down the stairs ahead.) (Not Story Related)
Reason: Even though you do have to go to the Authority Prison as part of the main story line, this schematic is NOT automatically given to you.........

- Vendor Only Schematics -
(Some schematics may be found earlier in Wellsprings, if not, you will find them in Subwaytown for sure!!)

- Outfitters in Wellspring -

Pop Rockets Schematic — $225.

Sentry Bot Schematic — $175.

Sentry Turret Schematic — $125.

- "Jani's Supplies" in Subwaytown -

Advanced Sentry Bot Schematic — $375.

Advanced Sentry Turret Schematic - $330.

Advanced Wingstick Schematic — $275

Dynamite Bolts Schematic — $155 (personal favorite!)

Fat Mammas Schematic — $200.

Just a recap: These schematics are NOT automatically given to you in the main story line, and from what I heard, a patch made it possible to be purchased by a vendor if missed......
Advanced RC Bomb Car Schematic
Adrenaline Overdrive Recipe
Apophis Infusion Recipe
Authority Augmenter Schematic
Regenerative Infusion Recipe
EMP Grenade Schematic