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Two Places, Same Time

H3: ODST: I've got my eye on you, Marine.

Two Places, Same Time0
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20 Jun 2015 20 Jun 2015
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Level: Tayari Plaza
Difficulty: Any

At the very beginning of Tayari Plaza you are going to encounter a couple waves of Covenant. After beating them continue down the street and you will run into Chipps Dubbo and another marine. He will tell you to cut through the buildings to flank the Covenant. If the achievement does not pop after that, melee the Chipps (his buddy too if you want) in the head (knocking their helmets off) and they will say something like "hey, same side" or "it's the buddy system" and that is when I got the achievement to pop for me. It originally didn't pop so I waited and still nothing. After I hit Chipps and he complained, it popped.
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Xyjar Yeah, I had to melee his helmet off before I got it.
Posted by Xyjar on 08 Sep 15 at 09:04