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Unnatural Selection

Kill one of every animal species in the game in any game mode.

Unnatural Selection+1.3
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29 May 2010 29 May 2010
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You need to kill the following animals, domesticated animals do not count for the trophy, neither do bats.

* Armadillo: You can find these in the Frontier and in Mexico.
* Bears: You can find these in the Tall Trees area in the North.
* Beavers: These are in the Tall Trees area in the North.
* Bighorn: You can find this in the mountains in the Frontier and Mexico, and in abundance in the Tall Trees area of the North.
* Boars: You can find these in Pike's Basin and the Tall Trees area.
* Bobcats: You can find these in Mexico and the Tall Trees area.
* Buffalo: As you first enter the Great Plains from Thieves' Landing.
* Cougars: In the mountains and hills on the Frontier and Mexico.
* Coyote: On the Frontier and Mexico, listen for their whiny howls.
* Crows: All three areas, listen for their caws.
* Deer: All three areas
* Ducks: At Lake Don Julio at either side, they will be flying, listen for the distinctive "quack"
* Eagles: Tall Trees and Nikoti Rock areas of the North.
* Elk: Tall Trees area.
* Foxes: Near Riley's Charge on the Frontier and in the Tall Trees area in the North.
* Hawks: The Frontier and Mexico.
* Wild Horses: Any horse roaming any map that does not have a saddle on its back.
* Owls: All three maps, only at night.
* Rabbits: All three maps.
* Raccoons: All three maps.
* Seagulls: Blackwater near the water.
* Skunks: Around MacFarlane Ranch on the Frontier.
* Snakes: All three maps, listen for snake hissing or rattling while you are riding then check around on the ground.
* Songbirds: Near the twons on all three maps.
* Vultures: All three maps, usually near death.
* Wolves: All three maps, but in abundance in Mexico and the Tall Trees area.

These animals do not go towards 100% game completion. I take no credit for this guide, credit goes to
jjcuk can this be done all in free roam ?
Posted by jjcuk on 30 May 10 at 23:09
Virtual James 7 yes, in any game mode
Posted by Virtual James 7 on 31 May 10 at 14:23
Virtual James 7 bats are in tall trees, only at night, therefore very hard to see. and ducks are always flying around lake don julio, so you never actually see one up close
Posted by Virtual James 7 on 31 May 10 at 19:08
xFORCED DATAx WILD HORSE'S kill them as well spent a while hunting for nothing.
Posted by xFORCED DATAx on 03 Jun 10 at 01:28
Davidj123 Hey I found all of them........... Is their really bats? Tell me where they are located............. REPLY!!!!!! thanks
Posted by Davidj123 on 03 Jun 10 at 19:45
Virtual James 7 ok, so i was misinformed about tall trees but here is a link not the best quality but you can see the bats and it's real
Posted by Virtual James 7 on 04 Jun 10 at 11:52
Curtieson Also, this can not be done in Free Roam.

There are not Buffalo and there are not Wild Horses in free roam.
Posted by Curtieson on 11 Jun 10 at 12:35
Invader Phlegm A bit of clarification about the list of animals in this solution.

WILD Horses.

I have been trying for so long to get this Achievement, killed everything that moved in the game, and could figure out why the cheevo hadn't popped for me.

Then it finally occurred to me, the list said WILD horses . . . not just horses.

Over the course of the game, I have killed almost as many horses as enemies (killing their horses makes dealing with enemies much easier), but I had never once killed a single WILD horse.

Every time I had come across horses in the wild, I either broke them, or left them alone - never occurred to me to kill any of them - even though I had endless fun making grizzlies, bison and bald eagles the endangered species they are today.

Once I figured out my error, and headed out and killed my first wild horse, the Achievement popped.

So for clarification on this list of animals for those of you who may not be getting this Achievement, but have been trying hard to get it. Make sure you get at least one wild horse in your anti-Peta killing spree across the Old West.
Posted by Invader Phlegm on 06 Jul 10 at 16:56
techie76 i would like to add my worth is that i did'nt kill a skunk but still got it ? (i am guessing that it has to be 26 different animals) also i killed a jackalope which is not on the list
Posted by techie76 on 22 Nov 11 at 18:00
Nordegarde I never killed a duck and still the achievement popped after I got a kill in 26 wild animal species even though, overall, I killed animals from 30 different species (so domesticated animals don't count).
Posted by Nordegarde on 22 Jan 13 at 14:46