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The People's Hero

Win the General's League

The People's Hero-0.2
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22 Jun 2015 14 Jan 2018
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This is the final achievement in the RISK multiplayer league play. You must get at least 80+ points in the General's League and play all 6 games to obtain this achievement.

If you score less than 60 points, you will get returned to the Colonel's League as well, so avoid scoring too low in 6 games!

Scoring: 1st place=20 points, 2nd place=5 points, eliminating a player=5 points, for a max of 40 points with a win and complete eliminations.

If you are trying to boost this, then that will usually go much faster, IF you can find the other person in a lobby. I recommend following these tips to both find each other, and find a game in general if you have trouble with it: (Credit to Dr Latour for the boosting tips ideas!)
Trouble finding games or boosting?
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Playing against human players can be boring, frustrating, and EXTREMELY BORING if you have the slow variety or the "wait until you quit" variety. I watched one game I was playing hoping to get credit for, where the remaining 3 players each built armies over 100 troops.. and the game took about 3 hours. That sealed the deal once I found this trick. I recommend only playing against real people if you don't need the win and want to just have fun--I chatted with some people for 2 games in a row, had a lot of fun, won one of the games. There are some fun people playing this game! clap
If you must play against humans, here are some tips:
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Playing against AI players is really quite easy if you have some basic strategies on how to win. Figure on each game taking at least 1 hour though, with some much less, some more.
To win against the AI I've included a number of tips from my experience:
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Fun website with statistics about the dice that I found useful!
Basically, defender has the advantage up to 5 vs 5, then attacker has the advantage with 6 vs. 6 and up. And other stats.
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