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Brutality 101

Perform 15 different combat moves in one FreeFlow.

Brutality 1010
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25 Jun 2015
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this achievement can be tricky, as we've all seen throughout the past batman games. however doing this on the gotham knights challenge (the one with knightwing) can make things a bit easier, because there are no brutes to break your combo and no electric enemies, however shield carriers do spawn later on so be careful.

the moves are:
3.throw counter-left stick towards enemy+Y
5.super stun-B,B,B/hold B(i'm not sure whether these are the same move but odds are you probably won't use it anyway due to the time it takes to charge)
7.batclaw slam-LT+Y,X
8.batclaw into aerial juggle-LT+Y,B,X
9.explosive gel-LT+X
10.electric charge-LT+B
11.freeze grenade-RT,RT
12.ground takedown-RT+Y
13.ground pickup into beatdown-RT+B,X repeatedly (again i am not sure whether this is any different to the regular beatdown)
14.ground pound-B,A,A

takedowns (some of these will require upgrades):
16.regular takedown-B+Y
17.batclaw takedown-LT+Y hold
18.electric takedown-LT+B hold (doesn't actually take enemies out)
19.explosive gel-LT+X hold
20.batarang takedown-LT hold
21.freeze bomb takedown-RT,RT hold
22.ground area takedown-A+B (with enemies on the ground)
23.weapon break-X+Y
24.environment takedown-A+X (when enemies glow blue)
25.dual takedown- LB (when meter next to bat symbol is full) can also do a batmobile assisted takedown but not in this map, and it is exactly the same to pull off as a environment takedown.

as you can see there are more than enough to get fifteen, and i have a feeling that i am missing some. a few tips:
.use evade (A,A) to give you time to think about your next move, it will not reset your combo
.try not to use super stun, holding B will take too long and when i went to use the 3 Bs i would always target a different enemy on the third stun, this would reset my combo.
.be careful of the shield enemies when they spawn on this challenge map hitting them will reset your combo, this would be a good time to use the ground pound (see above) if you haven't already.
.try to avoid using more than 1 quickfire gadget in a row, as sometimes you will just end up aiming your current gadget which will reset your combo.

please let me know if i am missing something or if i have gotten something wrong.
the achievement will probably take a few tries and i would recommend restarting if you get hit or drop your combo, because there are a limited amount of enemies in this area
xx HollywoodThanks for the list! This is exactly what I was looking for!

Are you certain that using the gadgets will count with the 15 variation? In all the other arkhams, they didn't - making it so that one had to rely on the different types of takedowns.

Also - a tip for shield guys is to cn_X+cn_Y those suckers right away so they aren't in the way of stopping your combo.
Posted by xx Hollywood on 28 Jun 15 at 05:07
ckingrevengeyeah i'm certain gadgets count because i got it on the batclaw takedown (LT+Y hold), and yeah it's better to use a takedown on the shield guys but it's the perfect reminder to do the ground pound thing (B,A,A).
Posted by ckingrevenge on 28 Jun 15 at 13:20
xx HollywoodAgreed...and, thanks again!
Posted by xx Hollywood on 28 Jun 15 at 21:31
Cringe Legacy@ckingrevenge
You forgot the cn_B,cn_A,cn_A + moving the cn_LS and cn_X together in the direction of any other thug (besides the one you originally ran up on).

Basically, Batman will begin to run up on a thug and instead of smashing his brains in, he'll step on his head, jump in the air, and smash a different thug.

You have to be quick on the cn_LS + cn_X button part. You literally have to do it immediately after the cn_B,cn_A,cn_A combo.
Posted by Cringe Legacy on 28 Jun 15 at 21:52
PuckJunkie@doowylloH, Asylum required that you use both the batclaw and the batarang in the "Freeflow Perfection" achievement. City must be what you're thinking of, because it did not - having introduced new combat gadgets, the only thing you had to use for "Perfect Freeflow 2.0" was the combo batarang.

Origins did not have an analogous achievement, but one of the requirements to complete the Shadow Vigilante Dark Knight track was to complete a fight with at least 15 variations - really, the closest thing any game has to this achievement - and it allowed you to use every single gadget during that combo.
Posted by PuckJunkie on 28 Jun 15 at 21:58
xx HollywoodMakes it even easier then. Cheers toast
Posted by xx Hollywood on 29 Jun 15 at 03:21
Vandel BusterMinor thing, but *Nightwing.
Posted by Vandel Buster on 29 Jun 15 at 16:29
Scythecamminor suggestion: perhaps renaming the b, a, a move as "aerial attack" as its called in game so as not to get it confused with the rt+y takedown which i believe the game refers to as a "ground pound"
Posted by Scythecam on 01 Jul 15 at 02:51
PuckJunkieDoes the achievement unlock mid-combo? Or do you need to finish the combo, or even the fight?
Posted by PuckJunkie on 01 Jul 15 at 14:39
samsaBEARYou need to finish the combo first
Posted by samsaBEAR on 02 Jul 15 at 19:41
Posted by WZRD 179 on 16 Jul 15 at 14:54
HalderJust another list to add to yours, i needed something i could quickly view wihtout reading through a wall of text and though using the buttons would help.
hopefully help someone else as well.

#1 - Batclaw Slam - cn_LT + cn_Y, cn_X
#2 - Counter - cn_Y
#3 - Electrical Charge - cn_LT+cn_B
#4 - Redirect (Jump) - cn_LSr+ cn_A, cn_A
#5 - Quick Explosive Gel - cn_LSr+ cn_X
#6 - Strike - cn_X
#7 - Special Combo Takedown - cn_B + cn_Y
#8 - Environmental Takedown - cn_A + cn_X
#9 - Quick Batarang - cn_LT
#10 - Beat Down - cn_B, cn_X cn_X cn_X
#11 - Cape Stun - cn_B
#12 - Super Stun - cn_B, cn_B, cn_B
#13 - Special Combo Batarang - Hold cn_LT
#14 - Ground Takedown - cn_LT+ cn_Y
#15 - Aerial Attack - cn_B, cn_A, cn_A

#16 - Special Combo Explosive Gel - Hold cn_LT+ cn_X
#17 - Special Combo Remote Electrical Charge - Hold cn_LT+ cn_B
#18 - Special Combo Batclaw - Hold cn_LT+ cn_Y
#19 - Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown - cn_A+ cn_B
#20 - Special Combo Disarm and Destroy - cn_X+ cn_Y

#21 - Blade Dodge Takedown - Hold cn_LSl Hold & Release cn_Y
#22 - Aerial Juggle - cn_B,cn_B,cn_B,cn_X
#23 - Batclaw Super Stun - cn_LT+cn_Y,cn_B
#24 - Charged Super Stun - cn_B
#25 - Batmobile Assisted Takedown - cn_A+cn_X
#26 - Combat Pick Up - cn_RT+cn_B
#27 - Tag Team Takedown - cn_LB
Posted by Halder on 20 Jul 15 at 11:49
ckingrevenge@halder001 thanks i wasn't really sure about how to do the buttons
Posted by ckingrevenge on 21 Jul 15 at 09:21
I am a Pi Rho@halder001 your gel attack should be LT + X
Posted by I am a Pi Rho on 22 Jul 15 at 06:52
NeosKing007Do u have to buy all the combat moves in order to do this achievement?
Posted by NeosKing007 on 07 Sep 15 at 00:09
Lt DavoAnother good place to go for this is the first combat encounter on the airships, where you try to stop the militia from capturing Simon Stagg. There's one lieutenant and a horde of basic enemies - no blades, no shields, no stun sticks. Once you take the lieutenant down, there's no one to break your combo. I unlocked it there in New Game+ mode after I had applied every Waynetech upgrade possible.
Posted by Lt Davo on 18 Jan 16 at 04:48
SHOTOKANKATANAThis achievement sucks ass. Absolutely hate the combo system. Such bs
Posted by SHOTOKANKATANA on 04 Oct 16 at 20:58
EarthboundXYep, that challenge works great for this achievement. Doing the AA evading is the key to keeping a long combo.
Posted by EarthboundX on 09 Feb 17 at 07:22
witter56Took a little while but finally got it
Posted by witter56 on 26 Mar 18 at 15:38
QutischiiThis Video makes the Achievement Extremely easy Min at 4:20 clap
Posted by Qutischii on 05 Apr at 00:15
USS PrometheusI've come close on this one, but with illness, I just don't have the dexterity in my hands anymore. Not as young as I used to be. :(
Posted by USS Prometheus on 13 May at 20:33