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Discover all coffee thermoses.

4 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.
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Realistically, you cannot follow a video guide or individual item type list for your "collectibles" run through this game. There's just too many things to watch for. You'll need to follow a sequential guide, and it will most likely ruin the experience, but it sucks to miss one of these bad boys and not know which chapter it's in. The thermos bottles collected will NOT show on subsequent runs through the level, or even when backtracking after hitting a safe zone. If you miss any collectibles, they WILL show on subsequent runs through levels (whether replayed or done in a new story run).

Tyger7 has a great walkthrough available in a zipped doc here:
I recommend using Dropbox or email to send this doc to your iPad/mobile device, so you can play in the dark!

There are 100 thermos bottles.
Dude RainIt's not entirely correct to say "The ones you miss WILL show on another run-through, though."

If you simply replay an episode (main menu -> episodes), the thermoses you've already picked up will not appear.
Posted by Dude Rain on 23 Jun 10 at 17:59
Sure—I've updated the solution to be more specific. Thanks!
Posted on 25 Jun 10 at 05:50
Elk4rlit0i cried at this because i missed 1 thermos and i cant find it anywhere but im gonna give it another shot. rooster teeth on youtube have a video on this and it helps so much and they make the videos fun too so i would give them a shot to anyone wanting this achievement.
Posted by Elk4rlit0 on 15 Oct 10 at 01:39
Tatakai no KamiI followed the guide right down to the last deatil, and am still missing one, I think this may be a little glitchy. I really don't want to have to do a third full play through for one damn thermos.

Stupid damn collectibles in games. Why do the stupid developers do it? why? it's frikkin torture for OCD gamers
Posted by Tatakai no Kami on 24 Jun 11 at 20:57
alpaca777I followed this guide as well, to the last exact detail, and what do you know, I am missing 1 thermos as well, coincidence?
Posted by alpaca777 on 05 Apr 12 at 00:56
Arj295Thanks for the link, I really hope I don't miss any thermos. This game has too many collectibles for my liking, would be really nice to finish this game off.
Posted by Arj295 on 21 Apr 12 at 21:27
Shadow XBLI show 95/100 with all but 4 checked off... I know for a fact I missed one and another is a definite maybe. The other two are ?'s. Still that leaves only 99......... I hate this achievement.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 25 Mar 13 at 05:09
Eternal EpochI followed this guide and am also missing 1 thermos... wish I'd checked the comments first!

Will comment again if I manage to find it...
Posted by Eternal Epoch on 06 Sep 13 at 21:20
Shadow XBLthanks, please do.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 06 Sep 13 at 21:29
Col Double DI used Tiger's guide and found that I missed Thermos #75 in Episode 5: Nightlife in Bright Falls. It is very easy to miss as the enemy pops out right before another one attacks the Sheriff. Bottom floor of the Town Hall. No back-tracking once you go back outside.
Posted by Col Double D on 15 Dec 13 at 22:05
Shadow XBLthe problem with this achievement is if you die after picking up a thermos but before a checkpoint, it doesn't count as collected. That'll make you miss some pretty easily if you don't grab them again.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 02 Apr 14 at 17:39
D34dBodyManEdit: found my missing one. Chapter 5 Coffee Thermos # 86/100
Posted by D34dBodyMan on 30 May 16 at 08:04
ASOC11031993I found my thermos! In chapter 1 and 4, #11 and #63 thanks for the guide finally completed this awesome game!!! :D
Posted by ASOC11031993 on 28 Sep 16 at 23:06
Zaki HUNMecha Werner is right, DON'T pick up the helicopter key until you pick up the thermos in the next room in Episode 5. If you miss, you have to replay the episode (15-20 min gameplay until you reach it) That was my 100th thermos. I followed Rooster Teeth's guide, sometimes i had no idea where is the thermos...
Posted by Zaki HUN on 08 Dec 16 at 11:46
Sipuli91I wish there was a way to see how many thermoses you've picked up/episode. Currently sitting at 99/100 with no idea which one I missed :(
Posted by Sipuli91 on 12 Jan 18 at 19:45