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Use 10 Letter Aid

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Just AmazNJust AmazN330,585
10 Jul 2015
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While you're playing through the levels in the game, you'll notice that both of your Reveal and Delete letter (letter aids) counters increase the further you progress in the game. I highly recommend waiting to you have a combined amount of 50 letter aids then use all 50 of them. Once you get into Level 5 you should have enough letter aids to unlock the 'Prepared' achievement. You can't use all of them at once, you can only use a certain amount on each trivia picture. So use as many as the game will allow you on each trivia picture, then move on to the next one.

While using all 50 letter aids, you should also unlock the other achievements for using letter aids too:
What in the World? (WP)ResourcefulThe Resourceful achievement in What in the World? (WP) worth 19 pointsUse 25 Letter Aid

What in the World? (WP)UnpuzzleableThe Unpuzzleable achievement in What in the World? (WP) worth 30 pointsUse 50 Letter Aid
MarekVitI dont get it. Why should i wait until i have 50? Aren't these cummulative? Why not use the aid as i go through the game?
Posted by MarekVit on 21 Sep 16 at 13:58