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Attain 100% in the Single Player Game Completion stat.

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This website is very helpful in your push for 100% in this game.

They have a map of where animal locations are, what is needed to unlock the outfits (and what they do), a guide to mastering the 4 ambient challenges, and an overall map of the locations found in Red Dead Redemption. Hope this helps.

You can track your progress by signing up for Rockstar's site which tells you exactly what you need to do to achieve 100% (what you have completed and what you are missing).

There are 57 missions that need to be completed in the game (though the site only keeps track of up to 48). Currently, the challenges and strangers portions do not work on the site but you can find this information on your stats portion or journal in the game (press start and scroll down to stats or journal. Your completed stranger missions will be on the bottom of the general subsection in your stats).

For the strangers missions, there are 19 in the game but you only have to complete 18. The "I Know You" mission doesn't count because once the game is over, you will no longer be able to do it. For a complete walkthrough of the story missions and stranger quests (locations also), go to this site:

Easiest way to complete the locations (which is out of 94) is to simply purchase the location maps at the general stores of every major town that has a general store.

For the mini games, there are 6 of them: Five Finger Fillet, Blackjack, Horseshoes, Arm Wrestling, Poker, and Liar's Dice. To get the badge for it, you must win in all of these events. So that means in Five Finger Fillet and Arm Wrestling, you must defeat every challenger for it to count (Five Finger Fillet is generally 2 or 3 opponents and Arm Wrestling is 1 or 2 opponents).

For the bounties, there are 20 that must be completed: 8 in New Austin (the first portion of the game), 8 in Neuvo Paraiso/Mexico (second portion of the game), and 4 in Blackwater (third portion of the game). It doesn't matter if the bounties are returned dead or alive.

There are five legendary weapons that need to be bought and can be found in Escalera in Mexico and in Blackwater. Those guns are as follows: LaMat Revolver, Mauser Pistol, Evans Repeater, Semiauto Shotgun, and Carcano Rifle.

It is also necessary to complete all 7 gang hideouts. Some will be unlocked AFTER completing some story missions (ex. Tesoro Azul and Fort Mercer). The 7 hideouts are Pike's Basin, Twin Rocks, Tumbleweed, Gaptooth Breach, Tesoro Azul, Nosalida, and Fort Mercer.

There are 9 outfits that need to be completed and to find out the requirements for the outfits, refer to the site provided above. There are more than 9 outfits in the game though so the one's that count towards the 100% are: Elegant Suit, Poncho, Bollard's Twin Outfit, Treasure Hunter Oufit, Bandito Outfit, Mexican Rebel Outfit, Marshall's Outfit, Legend of the West, and Rancher Outfit.

The various properties/save points are also necessary for 100% completion. There are 13 in all and are as follows: Macfarlanes, Armadillo, Thieves Landing, Rathskeller Fork, Irish's Shack, Escalera, Chuparosa, Casa Madrugada, El Matadero, Blackwater, Manzanita Post, Beecher's Hope, and Jack's Bed.

Lastly, there are 5 jobs in the game that need to be completed: 2 Horsebreaking (one in Ridgewood Farm in New Austin and one in Chuparosa in Neuvo Paraiso) and 3 Nightwatch (one in MacFarlane's Ranch, one in Chuparosa, and one in Blackwater).

Hope this helps.
Everythin looks good man!
Great guide.
Posted on 01 Jun 10 at 20:50
Shemp HowardThis guide is great! Thanks for all the great information. This will be my new list to check off all my stuff for the 100%!!!
Posted by Shemp Howard on 01 Jun 10 at 23:18
rawtalentMSUI didnt win at arm wrestling and it gave it to me. I think you just need to do a complete game. Dont quit.
Posted by rawtalentMSU on 23 Jun 10 at 00:33
The1 N8theGreatI've completed all the bounties. Apparently you have to return some alive to unlock outfits. Do the bounties return again once your completed it? Example,Return a Bollard Twin alive to unlock the Bollard Twin outfit.
Posted by The1 N8theGreat on 02 Jul 10 at 00:52
H0WIEdoITI'm not 100% sure but I think you are able to do as many bounties as you like. You only need to do a certain amount at a certain location to count towards 100% completion. For example, in Blackwater, you only need to do 4 but you are able to do as many as you like. Only 4 will count towards 100 though. For New Austin, you need to do 8 but there are 3 separate locations which spawn certain gangs (Bollard, Treasure Hunters, and Walton). Those locations are Armadillo (Walton), Hennigan's Stead (Bollard), and Rathskellar Fork (Treasure Hunters). So in case you are missing a bounty where you have to capture a bounty alive for your outfit requirement, you should be able to replay a bounty even if you have already done the necessary requirement.
Posted by H0WIEdoIT on 02 Jul 10 at 02:57
The1 N8theGreatThanks, I'll let you know how it works out.
Posted by The1 N8theGreat on 03 Jul 10 at 01:06
BMF5000Has anyone else had an issue with purchasing scraps for the outfits at the tailor shops? The one in question for me is in Blackwater for the US Army outfit. I have completed all the challenges for this but for some reason every time I go to the tailor for the scrap is says "Not Available". This is one of the last things I need for the outfits and if it's some kind of bug I'm not going to waste time trying to get all the other challenges for the achievement but I will be hopelessly disappointed. Suggestions why this might not be available?
Posted by BMF5000 on 11 Oct 10 at 01:56
M3ALLISTERi'm stuck on 99.0% my game stats say complete as far as missions, outfits, gang hideouts, minigames, areas discovered, stranger missions, bounties, save points, rare weapons - everything you have listed is complete in my game stats. the social club website says i don't have all areas and all stranger mssions completed but my game does. dammit! i have no idea what i'm missing but gotta keep trying to figure it out
Posted by M3ALLISTER on 12 Nov 10 at 03:04
ChardPTGotta vote negative cause the first link doesn't work anymore. Please post a new link. Thanks.
Posted by ChardPT on 07 Dec 11 at 02:57