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Accumulate 45 Stars in the Challenges.

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01 Jul 2015 13 Jul 2015
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UnTaMeD x SaGe has very kindly given me permission to copy his guide from the Xbox 360 version. Instead of writing my own I asked him because his was already stellar! He did let me know that the versions are quite different on some missions, so I've gone through and updated all the different missions and added my own best times. The main text is his still for #'s 1, 3, and 10. I've updated everything else for the Xbox One version to some extent. dance

To do this you need to get 3 stars in every challenge, some can be quite hard to do in the time so you'll need to be going as fast as you can. This solution will be a guide on how I did them and the time the solution got me. To get 3 stars you will need to be under the time provided with each challenge.

1. Destroy 7 vehicles
3 stars - 9 seconds
When the timer starts point your right stick to the bottom left, when the timer is up you'll start shooting, when the vehicle is destroyed move to the next one which is directly left of you, keep going clockwise around until you destroy all of them.
Shadow's best time -- 5.96 seconds

2. Destroy 4 tanks
3 stars - 11 seconds
When the timer ends, go to the one in the bottom right and shoot it until it gets destroyed but don't stop shooting as the next tank is right above it, while shooting that tank move towards it and it will get destroyed when you reach it. While still shooting aim towards the tank to the left top corner and move towards it, when you reach it's position and it's destroyed, start shooting the last one until it's destroyed. (this version is different than the 360)
Shadow's best time - 6.88 seconds

3. Move 2 vehicles
3 stars - 4 seconds
As soon as you start move to the vehicle in the top left and in a fluid motion hold A and pick it up along with the other vehicle, you will now be holding both vehicles so without stopping go over to the drop zone in the bottom right and press A to release one vehicle and without stopping release the other in the drop zone above.
Shadow's best time - 2.70

4. Move 4 buildings
3 stars - 9 seconds
When you start go to the turret right in front of you and press A to pick it up and then go to the socket on the left and press A to place it, now following the anti-clockwise route go to the next turret and place it in the socket closest to it, keep going around the base until you've placed all buildings in their nearest socket without stopping. You can press the A button almost ahead of time to pick up and drop, the buildings and units are very 'sticky' in a helpful way.
Shadow's best time - 3.76 seconds

5. Capture 1 base
3 stars - 12 seconds
When you start go to the troops on the left and hold A to pick them all up, once they are all aboard your Mech fly over to the left base entrance and press A 4 times to release all of the troops. When they all enter the base it will be captured and the challenge is complete.
Shadow's best time - 7.79 seconds

6. Upkeep
3 stars - 20 seconds
Hold the cn_RB button as soon as the challenge starts, then hold cn_RSu to select the infantry and build 6 of them by spamming cn_A 6 times. Then let go of all the buttons, and right away hold cn_A to pick up the infantry. When you have 3 or 4, fly them beside your base and press cn_A until they're all dropped off. Fly back to the base, pick up the others, fly them out and drop them off to complete the challenge. You don't need to place the troops in the pads surrounding the base.
Shadow's best time - 5.96 seconds

7. Capture 1 base
3 stars - 18 seconds
Press the cn_RB and build as many infantry as you can with cn_RSu + cn_A. Pick up the first four by holding cn_A, fly over to the enemy base, drop them off with cn_A then cn_LT to transform your Mech to ground mode. Shoot the base until it's dead, and watch your infantry capture it. Challenge completes when they capture the base.
Shadow's best time - 14.73 seconds

8. Destroy 12 enemy vehicles
3 stars - 60 seconds
When you start hold cn_RB and build 6 Buckys(press cn_Y after picking up Buckys to refill your build queue). Pick up the two gatling infantry to the right of the base and fly them over to the gate on the top left and drop them off there. Ignore the enemy troops that come as they will die before they can take out your base, and just start ferrying your Buckys to the same gate. Your troops will take care of everything. Build more Buckys or join the gate defense and shoot the tanks yourself.
Shadow's best time - 32.23 seconds

9. Destroy 36 enemy vehicles
3 stars - 45 seconds
Once you start change to Mech form and just start hitting everything you see that's closest. Try to work your way to the newest spawning enemies and go in a circle below the base. The base will easily take out many to help out so don't worry about the enemies up top..
Shadow's best time - 19.96 seconds

10. Capture 2 bases
28 seconds
Pick up the the Gatty to the right of the base as soon as you start and place it on the bridge to the right of their base, this will kill all of their soldiers coming in from there now change to your Mech and start attacking the enemy base when the soldiers on their base are killed, your troops will have already captured the other base, just build another soldier to make four and place him at an entrance of the now neutral base.
Shadow's best time - 22.96 seconds

11. Capture 5 bases
3 stars - 60 seconds
Immediately open your build queue and build 6 Runners. Press cn_Y to refill your queue whenever it gets low. As soon as the first base is captured, pick up 4 Runners, take them to the base on the left, and drop them off to capture. Pick up the tank behind the base and put it near the enemy base. Pick up 4 Runners from your new base, drop them next to the new base, change to ground form with your Mech and kill the base. Repeat picking up new soldiers and taking them to the next base, but drop them BEHIND so the tanks don't shoot them. Change to ground form, kill the base, and you should be done! In my run my Runners captured the 5th base on their own.
Shadow's best time - 37.83

12. Destroy 18 enemy vehicles
3 stars - 120 seconds
Switch to ground form, let your Warthog gun get going, and start shooting all the tanks you see. Walk clockwise around the map and don't forget to shoot the tank on the tower to the NW! Your AirMech has a very long range with his chaingun so have fun!
Shadow's best time - 13.79 seconds

13. Capture the enemy base
3 stars - 28 seconds
Pick up all your infantry by flying over and holding cn_A. Fly all the way over behind the enemy base, and drop your infantry off right behind it. Immediately switch to ground form to hide from the AA tanks behind the base and help your infantry shoot the base. They will capture it as soon as the base is destroyed.
Shadow's best time - 19.78 seconds

14 and 15. Win the game
3 stars - 10 minutes
I was able to do this extremely fast using an Ultimate Bucky rush. I didn't realize I had Ultimate Buckys until I started this match and realized my Pilot, Units, and Gear were all the same as the Solo/Coop matches I had been playing. If you have Ultimate Buckys and/or Ultimate Fuel/Ultimate Samson which are the recommended way to get most of the other achievements in this game, then spam Buckys with cn_left so they auto attack the enemy home base. If you don't have great gear, then you should be able to follow UnTaMeD x SaGe's method here: build Moneymakers on all build points of your base, when that's done start building longhorns and sending them to capture bases and your fortress will make soldiers on it's own which will go to capture the bases but you can build soldiers on your own to speed the process, you an also assist the longhorns by killing the troops on the bases, while doing this you will level up, buy whatever abilities preferably the Guns ability and the guardian ability to give you extra fire power and damage. Once all bases are captured send all longhorns to attack the enemy fortress, start shooting at the fortress as well and keep going back to the nearest base the re-energize and if you want you can build more longhorns to attack their fortress. This method should work for both challenges.
Shadow's best times:
14 - 59 seconds
15 - 60 seconds

If you have any questions about any of these please let me know! I went through to test the solution and update after completing everything else in the game, so my units and gear might have made a difference on some of the missions. Please let me know if there's any difficulties you run into using these tips! dance
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PiCkLE SQU1D I'm having some trouble with 15. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Either I run out of time or quit from frustration. The challenges are the first thing I'm doing with the game, so I don't have anything.
Posted by PiCkLE SQU1D on 22 Oct 15 at 20:53
Shadow 00 Fox I know I had a hard time with this map until I discovered some rushing strategies. Almost any unit when mass produced works for rushing enemy bases. Have you bought the starter gold pack? I highly recommend it, as it will save a LOT of time. If not.. I'll see if I can take another look at that level with non-leveled up equipment and see how it plays!
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 23 Oct 15 at 07:24
PiCkLE SQU1D What I ended up doing was continued to send out tanks and always set them attack. They captured the nearest base to the right. Once that got captured, I build about 5 - 8 turrets to defend it a little bit. Then just spammed out tanks and set them to attack. The base was right below this one so they didn't have to travel much. I took it out in just a couple minutes. For some reason, the base seemed farther away each other time I tried. :) Thanks for everything else :D
Posted by PiCkLE SQU1D on 23 Oct 15 at 14:48
Shadow 00 Fox Nice!! :-)
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 23 Oct 15 at 17:38