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Commandeer 100 gang-controlled vehicles

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11 Jan 2009
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I used Timbol Time trial for this. You must defeat a boss before you can do their time trial. Time trial is accessed from the main menu. When you choose timbol, a infinite amount of cars will spawn, just jack one, then get out after the door closes, then run away as the gang will shoot you. DONT SHOOT BACK. if you do the gang members in cars will get out before you can jack them. The members in the car you jacked as well as any gang cars near you, will get out to hurt you, but if your run down the street, they will ignore you, and you should run into another car as your running away from the first one, letting you gain another jack count.

Or, there is a quicker way, which is detailed in the video below. Its the Diaz Time Trial from the Los Muertos boss's. When you run out of cars to jack, kill yourself or kill diaz, and start over. Eventually youll get the achievement.
SoulEngineertimbol's time trial was nice. steal a car, drive down the street till you find another one, steal that one. if necessary, run around the block until you find another car. don't kill the gang members, and keep moving. no need to reload the time trial either.
Posted by SoulEngineer on 25 Nov 09 at 07:37
Torhu HybridDoes progress towards this get saved if you're going for it in Time Trial instead of Campaign? I didn't get 100 in one sitting and had to go, so I want to make sure I don't have to get 100 again and can just start from where I left off the next time.
Posted by Torhu Hybrid on 05 Jul 10 at 06:11
LanEvoIXThanks! Having tried both methods, i particularly think that Timbol works best. It's easier to yank them out of the (they even stop for you if you just stand in their path), and you don't have to reload every few minutes. Took me around 35 minutes to get all 100.
Posted by LanEvoIX on 07 Apr 11 at 01:59
snake42069its all cumulative. the progress saves.
Posted by snake42069 on 12 Apr 11 at 15:05
Szakal oOtimbol is a loooot better great guide ; o
Posted by Szakal oO on 06 Sep 11 at 13:31
InterracialTimbol time trial works great for this achievement. Thanks for the guide!
Posted by Interracial on 07 Sep 19 at 11:37
brooza664I used the Timbol guide and it took me almost exactly 30 minutes
Posted by brooza664 on 29 Apr 20 at 17:02