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Halo 2: Complete a match on at least 4 different game types in classic multiplayer.

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is that Hydrois that Hydro257,472
15 Jul 2015 14 Apr 2016
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The two above methods have been patched.

You still get 3 game types in customs with 1 controller - Load up Oddball, CTF & Territories - Go to settings and select the score to win to its lowest possible option, load the game & get the win.

NOTE: For CTF - If playing with one controller - Go to settings & set the flag to "One Neutral" flag. Otherwise, enemy flag wont spawn unless someone is on opposing team.

NOTE: As Stated by "SignatoryStar" - The 4th game type can be done SOLO in "King of the Hill."

For the 4th game type you want "Slayer" (cant win it solo)
Either have a second controller or get a friend to join you in a custom game (while making the setting to lowest possible "score to win").
Another option is to join a Multi-Player game and play it thru.
herbal1stmaybe note that you need to change in the ctf-options to one neutral flag, since there isn't any enemy flag to capture otherwise.
Posted by herbal1st on 26 Jul 15 at 01:19
is that HydroSilly me.... As I encountered the same problem first run facepalm
LoL - Thanks for the reminder toast
Posted by is that Hydro on 27 Jul 15 at 13:02
herbal1styou're welcome! rest of the solution is good, thanks for it btw! +1 toast
Posted by herbal1st on 27 Jul 15 at 13:31
is that Hydrotoast
Posted by is that Hydro on 27 Jul 15 at 13:49
Dan vasNormandyThumbs up from me!
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 30 Jul 15 at 05:26
SignatoryStarYou don't have to do the slayer game type. I got the achievement solo using the king of the hill game type instead.
Posted by SignatoryStar on 11 Aug 15 at 19:18
SignatoryStarBTW, thank you for the updated guide.
Posted by SignatoryStar on 11 Aug 15 at 19:21
is that HydroOk sweet - Thanks for that info.
Posted by is that Hydro on 15 Aug 15 at 16:58
Boneless117This this using Odd Ball, CTF, Territories, and King of the hill all on Ascension
Posted by Boneless117 on 09 May 16 at 07:09
JblacqYou can do Slayer solo... you just need to set the round time limit. Once the timer expires the match ends. I did that for my fourth match and the achievement just popped.
Posted by Jblacq on 10 Aug 17 at 21:54
BioFire64I was still able to unlock this achievement by just quitting the game when it loaded up.. weird.
Posted by BioFire64 on 22 Jan 19 at 17:41
PSYCHADELICACEi got this by ending the game.
Posted by PSYCHADELICACE on 24 Mar at 00:36
Carmona25Also can confirm I got this using the quit method.
Posted by Carmona25 on 25 Apr at 01:35
misterman08Did CTF, oddball, territories, and king the hill all solo with quit out method and it worked for me
Posted by misterman08 on 14 May at 20:35
My Oni HopeThis achievement is bugged for me no matter what I do. It’s just stuck at 50%. I’ve played all types of modes in classic multiplayer over a good amount of hours. Territories, Oddball, CTF, KOTH, Slayer. Nothing. Custom Games doesn’t work either. Same with a few other multiplayer achievements.
Posted by My Oni Hope on 25 Aug at 09:57
Soccer King6354not popping for me either
Posted by Soccer King6354 on 27 Aug at 04:20
Soccer King6354came back to this achievements and did the solo quit out method in CTF, oddball, territories, and king the hill and it finally popped
Posted by Soccer King6354 on 15 Oct at 22:10
is that HydroMight be due to the new patch? I see they added Halo: ODST to the collection on Sep 22nd. That could have caused the glitch to fix itself out maybe?
Posted by is that Hydro on 15 Oct at 22:28