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My House Now!

Destroy two enemy tanks from within an enemy capture point. MP only.

My House Now!0
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I BloodRayne II BloodRayne I223,550
28 Jul 2015 02 Sep 2015
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Okay so I just got this and it's easier than it sounds as you DO NOT have to get both kills in a single game, as I just got in an encounter battle, sat in the flag and got 1 kill but died. Played a second match and again luckily I was put in an encounter battle, I rushed to the flag and killed someone who was on low health and as I soon as I did the cheevo popped! :D

So to clarify;

You DON'T have to get two kills while in a flag in the same game.
You DON'T have to win the match.
You DON'T have to survive.
It CAN be done in an encounter battle.
ChaosAlertYep, can confirm that you only need one kill. +1
Posted by ChaosAlert on 29 Jul 15 at 01:17
Darkness727420Under just to clarify, put can be done in encounter battles. It's obvious as you said you were in that type of match but some might miss that. Thinking about it, im gonna guess the only type it couldnt be done in is defense. Plus 1!!!!
Posted by Darkness727420 on 02 Sep 15 at 20:09
I BloodRayne I@Darkness727420 Okay thank you for that :) I just added it to the just to clarify section now.
Posted by I BloodRayne I on 02 Sep 15 at 20:23
GsO LightI thought it was the same game, luckily I got 2 kills in a low tier battle
Posted by GsO Light on 05 Oct 16 at 21:12
saturnsailorMaybe that's how it used to work before. Now you have to get both in the same game.
Posted by saturnsailor on 31 May 19 at 13:14