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a holy chainsawa holy chainsaw876,274
30 Jul 2015 17 Aug 2015
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It took me 25 minutes, it's not as bad as you may think and because of the tremendous exaggerations few dare to put this game on their cards, but here's some tips you could use to your advantage:

Take your time, there's no time limit. Use the blocks as a shield when you jump the gaps and while placing them on the pads, but don't stay too close to the block unless you place them far from the boss.

Most of the time the electric currents spawn in the same order., keep practicing and retrying and you'll see this.

While it's not a pattern, little rocks will spew about right before the big rocks spew out. Watch my video and you'll see how I wait when I know they're coming.

For the second bit it's the same, learn the path, the only hard bit should be the red fruit jump, use the blocks to shield your ass during the final runs through the cave and during any part if you are confident.

And don't forget to collect your coins during the end credits. Good luck.

Here's my video where I unlock this achievement.