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Checking Out Your Options

Halo CE: Complete a match on at least 4 unique game types.

Checking Out Your Options0
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Dan vasNormandyDan vasNormandy442,197
30 Jul 2015
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I want to start saying that even after the patch you can get this on your own with a single controller. How? Play CTF,Oddball,King of the Hill and Race. Remember to change the settings to help you get your wins faster. Also combine this with "Sightseeing - complete a match on 8 classic maps."
Cartoon MorgothThanks! This is the only solution worth using now for this achievement. +1
Posted by Cartoon Morgoth on 04 Aug 15 at 19:56
Dan vasNormandyI´m glad to help Zerox toast
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 05 Aug 15 at 16:57
KnoellDan vasNormandy, I attempted this in custom games and played all 5 gametypes with two controllers, and played them all through to the end. No achievement. It doesn't seem to be tracking my progress for these. Any advice?
Posted by Knoell on 19 Aug 15 at 17:26
KnoellSo I played 1 game in matchmaking and I've got 25% now. Maybe they patched it.
Posted by Knoell on 19 Aug 15 at 20:42
Dan vasNormandySorry to hear that Knoell,all i can say is that i got mine and Zerox got his only two weeks ago in custom games. Since this game has tons of bugs i believe in anything.
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 20 Aug 15 at 01:00
KnoellYeah, that is why I was sure it would work. It is quite a bit longer doing it on Matchmaking. No one ever votes for CTF or Racing. Oh well, patience is a virtue and it will add to my multiplayer win count.
Posted by Knoell on 20 Aug 15 at 17:30
Furr E Nutsas of June 10 2018, I can confirm that doing this solo on CE, custom game on CTF, Race/Rally that you can get this achievement on all the different maps. This also is a quick way to get thru all the MutliPlayer games that you have to do, 200/300/400 and 500. I found that doing this on Derelict or Blood Gulch are the smallest maps that work best to get the flag quickly.
Posted by Furr E Nuts on 12 Jun 18 at 22:46
oWxlker+1, this saved me so much time, I thought it had to be done on online matchmaking so been trying to get in lobbies for a while. Didnt realise I could just do it on custom multiplayer facepalm
Posted by oWxlker on 15 Apr 20 at 00:43
Dan vasNormandyAlways glad to share guys!
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 17 Apr 20 at 18:04