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Destroy a higher tier tank by ramming. MP only.

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Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox614,769
01 Aug 2015 01 Aug 2015
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The absolutely easiest way I've found to do this is use a very fast light tank such as the Tier 2 US T2 Light Premium, or the Russian BT-2 or BT-7. Then, start a match and check what tier the enemy artillery are with the cn_back. If they are a higher tier than you, you have a good chance. You'll want to wait at the edge of the battle until about half of the tanks see each other and start engaging, then make a beeline with dodging so you don't get hit straight for where you think the enemy artillery will be. These tanks are so fast most of the time the enemy can't hit you successfully and you should make it to the artillery before you get killed. If you get killed, it's very easy to try again. smile Once you reach the artillery, try to shoot them a few times as you get close then simply ram them at full speed. Very few artillery can survive a full speed hit from light tanks.
Alternatively, you could always rush the enemy base immediately, but I've found that far more risky and doesn't work as well.