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King of the Hill

Win 100 games of Klondike, Spider, or FreeCell

King of the Hill0
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InjuryProne19InjuryProne19This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
02 Aug 2015
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Credit goes to Geoffistopheles for his King Of The Hill Solution for Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 8)

This achievement is for completing 100 of either Klondike, Spider, or FreeCell. For this solution we will be using FreeCell. FreeCell differs from the other Solitaire games in that you can enter the seed number of a game. We will be using the Seed #10913. So start up a FreeCell game, open the "Menu", and go to "Game Options". Here you will change the game # to 10913. Your first few tries will take about 1:30 but you will quickly memorize these steps and be able to consistently finish in around 0:30. My personal best is 0:18 (subtle brag). Below I have included a written version of each step as well as a video because well...reading roll Enjoy!

Completing this process 100 times will also net you this achievement if you haven't already:
Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)Alcatraz EscapeThe Alcatraz Escape achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP) worth 114 pointsWin 100 FreeCell games

Step-By-Step Instructions
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Thank you for viewing this solution! I hope it was helpful dance
SprowtI've just done this for the first time and when the game is completed it says Games Played: 1, Games Won: 0.
Does it still go towards the win 100 games even though it says 0?
Posted by Sprowt on 04 Aug 15 at 09:38
InjuryProne19Yes. You can check your achievement progress in the game for assurance.
Posted by InjuryProne19 on 04 Aug 15 at 09:52
GeoffistophelesThe video's a great touch! Mind if I copy it over to the Windows 8 solution as well?
Posted by Geoffistopheles on 06 Aug 15 at 13:17
InjuryProne19Thanks. Yes feel free. Video is in my clips on TA
Posted by InjuryProne19 on 06 Aug 15 at 20:07
Gu ManchaWow, wow ... Awesome !!! It should take 1 and a half hour or 2 hours maximum.... Thanks laugh
Posted by Gu Mancha on 11 Aug 15 at 01:57
InjuryProne19You're welcome! Thanks for the thumbs up headspin
Posted by InjuryProne19 on 11 Aug 15 at 01:59
MrNosewith your solution it takes longer to set up the game (25 -30 seconds) than to complete it (15-30 secpmds 16 is my best)
Posted by MrNose on 28 Aug 15 at 19:31
InjuryProne19Awesome! Glad I could help smile
Posted by InjuryProne19 on 28 Aug 15 at 19:35
Mince Pie 77Still working today - not got the cheeve yet but 12 seconds was my best so far! +1
Posted by Mince Pie 77 on 23 Feb 16 at 21:09
Mince Pie 77Ok, that one was 11 seconds... Beginning to think my timer is goosed! redface
Posted by Mince Pie 77 on 23 Feb 16 at 21:13
InjuryProne19Good to hear. Thanks for the +1 Mince Pie 77
Posted by InjuryProne19 on 23 Feb 16 at 21:14
ChooseMyFateTied you. Going for the win tho ;) Thanks for this.
Posted by ChooseMyFate on 08 Mar 16 at 19:28
ChooseMyFate BOOYAH!
Posted by ChooseMyFate on 08 Mar 16 at 19:44
InjuryProne19Nice job ChooseMyFate!
Posted by InjuryProne19 on 08 Mar 16 at 19:46
Mr GimpsonThis isn't adding the wins to my stats :(
Posted by Mr Gimpson on 15 May 16 at 21:47
InjuryProne19Mr Gimpson, in the game go to achievements and check your progress. The in game counter does not go up for some reason.
Posted by InjuryProne19 on 15 May 16 at 21:51
Mr GimpsonThe achievement count isn't either, stuck on 25 games. Maybe they've patched this
Posted by Mr Gimpson on 15 May 16 at 23:17
XxFrAsZeRxXSame thing happened to me. However, I played one regular game of FreeCell, and then my count jumped up, and now it's counting these short games again. Try doing that, maybe it will fix the problem.
Posted by XxFrAsZeRxX on 16 May 16 at 23:46
OnzaOn PC are others getting the "This game won't count..." message when you click on the "Enter game #" box?
Posted by Onza on 17 Nov 16 at 21:11
Lord BaneJ@ Onza - I have the same error message on mobile as well.
Posted by Lord BaneJ on 23 Dec 16 at 18:12
OnzaThank you Lord!
Posted by Onza on 05 Jan 17 at 18:11
FayMoonYou can use TinyTask, record a macro and unlock this achievement (as well as others in this game) AFK :-)
Posted by FayMoon on 02 Apr 18 at 15:52
ZX KNIGHTDon't know if I'm doing something wrong or the puzzle has changed but the step by step guide doesn't match how the game plays out for some reason.
Posted by ZX KNIGHT on 24 Dec 19 at 10:14
ALoneWolf42I wish Daily and Star games counted towards these totals. I'm sure I've completed at least 100 of those by now, but it only seems to track standard games. :(
Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 20 Apr 20 at 23:12
ttfp saylowIt's annoying daily challenges and events don't count towards the totals needed for this, and similar, achievements
Posted by ttfp saylow on 22 Sep 20 at 08:01
jj6ysomeone wanna send me a script for this lol
Posted by jj6y on 18 Jan at 18:49
aristeiaGreat solution, after about 10 tries I'm already down to 10 seconds a run. I think I can go faster.
Posted by aristeia on 12 Aug at 13:00
aristeiaNailed it. Got down to 7 seconds fastest. The key to speeding it up was waiting for the new game to deal or the cards before going in the options to input the game ID #. Good luck all.
Posted by aristeia on 12 Aug at 16:12