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Double Tap

Defeat Oz for the last time in Descent.

Double Tap0
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05 Aug 2015 06 Aug 2015
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To start double feature once you have completed the EE start up the map and press the cn_X on the button across from the generator.

I'm going to start off by saying this is going to be tough, no matter how you look at it. To unlock this achievement you have to have access to "Double Feature" which is only unlocked after completing the Easter Egg. THEN, you have to beat round 20 (second Oz fight.) You can play with a friend if they have it unlocked.

This game mode I would say is at least 2, possibly 3 times as difficult as regular Exo Zombies. You have no HUD (no bullet count, no rounds, no orbital drop icon, only score.) They zombies are very much stronger. The only way to earn points is by getting kills, so points are very scarce along the way! If you go down in solo, that's it, no quick revive. If someone goes down in co-op, they just die. So take extreme caution!

So you start off on round 1 as always. the best way to earn points is to knife the zombies. It is two hit kill round 1 keep in mind. You want to make your way to get your exo suit as soon as possible. After you have your exo suit, make your way to the weapon generator. You are going to want something that can get you kills. (Lynx, RW1, S12, Blunderbuss etc.) Something that doesn't take alot of time to kill. Basically, you are just trying to stay alive long enough to buy perks (Exo Health, Reload, and Stockpile are the only three I would buy) and upgrade guns. The "safest" area to survive in would have to be the Spa. Run a train in spa and you should be able to survive.

Round 13 with Oz is going to be your first major challenge. You are definitely going to need exo health by this point. It is best to run a circle around the outside edges of this area because nothing that can kill you will spawn on this circle, besides zombies of course. Only go to shoot Oz when you know you won't go down, it's a risky move. When you manage to beat Oz, grab as many credits as you possible can, this is going to be very helpful to your survival!

You will now spawn back in the original map, at this point, the main goal you need to be looking for is to get the Blunderbuss, Nano Swarm, and Contact Grenades. Once again you will be safest in the Spa.

Fast forward to round 20, you have everything you need to kill Oz and you are ready to go. The Oz battle is tough, very tough. You have to continue to turn on all the generators after one use of the pad. He goes down fairly quickly if you shoot the ground over the pad, after activating it, with a nano swarm. Then just try and blow him away with the Blunderbuss. Max ammo drops do spawn, you just don't have a HUD so keep an open eye for them! The easiest way is to run in the circle like you did for the first encounter with Oz. It will take you multiple attempts to take him down to 3/4 health, 1/2 health, and 1/4 health. Once you kill him a DNA bomb will go off and you will be teleported back to the original map.

Boom, Achievement Unlocked!toast
Shred Asics 13Well done and great guide. Can you play with 4 people provided they all have the mode unlocked?
Posted by Shred Asics 13 on 05 Aug 15 at 14:59
TheTylerFarrYou should be able to, adding more people will make the difficulty go up due to having less points per person.
Posted by TheTylerFarr on 05 Aug 15 at 15:20
NitrousSpeedSo u have to beat the EE then play double feature and get to round 20 and kill Oz then this achievement pops? Does it all have to be done in 1 game or can u beat the EE then play double feature whenever u want to go for this achievement?
Posted by NitrousSpeed on 05 Aug 15 at 18:38
TheTylerFarrYou can beat the EE and play double feature afterwards! It is stated in the solution on how to get back into it!
Posted by TheTylerFarr on 05 Aug 15 at 19:04
NitrousSpeedOkay so once u beat the EE and get the Reunion achievement u will always have access to the Double Feature mode on Descent to go for this achievement?
Posted by NitrousSpeed on 05 Aug 15 at 19:17
TheTylerFarryes! all members of the game have to press cn_X on the button to start up double feature!
Posted by TheTylerFarr on 05 Aug 15 at 19:27
NitrousSpeedThanks for the tips. Now if only I can find a group to go for the Easter Egg & this achievement to max the game that would be great
Posted by NitrousSpeed on 05 Aug 15 at 19:37
KluckMyDuckFor those who don't know you can check your round by hitting the back button. smile
Posted by KluckMyDuck on 05 Aug 15 at 21:45
TheZombieTableYou only need the person that has done the easter egg in the game to start this mode found out while helping my friends do the easter egg. It will give a vote feature the EE person needs to press the button
Posted by TheZombieTable on 06 Aug 15 at 10:50
xCEL7IC ZOMBIExgood guide.worth noting the upgrade machine is 1500 credits instead of the usual 2500 smile
Posted by xCEL7IC ZOMBIEx on 06 Aug 15 at 14:57
LordFightALotI prefer to do this on Solo. I had the Blunderbuss, Ameli and Distraction Drones while playing Solo and it was really easy! I still died at round 14 like a moron not paying attention to the train of zombies I had behind me. You just want to knife/punch all zombies and dogs up untill round 8 (infection round). I had over 10.000 points when I died at round 14, with 3 perks bought. You will have plenty of point to get the Blunderbuss on the rounds 14-19 if you haven't gotton it already.
Posted by LordFightALot on 06 Aug 15 at 21:06
KluckMyDuckI must agree with xI Xbox One Ix on that. I did it solo and got it on my first attempt but while I was trying to help some other people in a 2 man and 3 man team, it was significantly harder. Also, an upgraded S-12 is a very good alternative to the Blunderbuss.
Posted by KluckMyDuck on 06 Aug 15 at 21:11
OnTheSeshhLadi cant even get past wave 13 with 2 people its much easy on solo but died on wave 16 lol
Posted by OnTheSeshhLad on 06 Aug 15 at 23:24
SiegfriedXI just did it today with a full group of 4 people. You DO NOT want to do that. I think this made it even harder, no matter if all 4 players are good and can pull themselves up. Every time you try, at least one person will get screwed by the printer and not get something at least decent early on, so they will have to waste a lot of money (that they won't be able to make since they have useless guns). Also, things will be chaotic in the SPA room and in the boss fights with 4 people, someone will get unlucky and die. What I'm saying is, playing with 4 people, the team will always have to carry the person the game decides will be the unlucky one on the match.

Two people should be a lot more doable, it should be a lot easier to get someone with the blunderbuss for example and another person with the trident or something else good. There are less zombies so the SPA room won't be as chaotic as with 4 and it's a lot more likely both people will be able to arm themselves and go side by side start to finish.

I also would say, doing this solo might be the easiest of all. If you can get the blunderbuss really early on (like the first 3 times you use the printer and then you can stay alive until you have money for exo health and the door to the spa, you are pretty much set. Running a train inside the SPA and then turning around and mowing them down with the blunderbuss is extremely easy and won't use up much ammo at all. The first fight with Oz will be a joke and for the second fight, you can pretty much grab everything there is to get on the map (like sentinels and drones for example). When the fight gets hard after he's bellow 50% health, you can just use one drone and the sentinel and it will be really easy to do it. If on top of that you are even luckier and get monkey bombs your pretty much set for this achievement.

If you really wanna do this with 4 like I did, I would say the Trident and monkey bombs are a must, they are even more important than someone having the blunderbuss. And, of course you will want to save everything you can for wave 20 (sentinels and drones).

Another tip is using the goliath to try to help people getting back on their feet if they die. The person who died can use a goliath to make some money when they respawn and try to get back in the game, they will of course always be at a disadvantage during the entire match, but they surely can be useful for the team again if they know how to play and luck is on their side when using the printer.

The final tip I can give is: whoever is dropping monkey bombs should buy exo stockpile, so they can carry 3 instead of 2 and he also gets the ammo drops during the boss fight every time after he throws one there. Monkey bombs are a must there when playing with 4 people and you do not want to be left with none.

From what I can remember from my match, someone was extremely lucky and had the blunderbuss and the trident (and the trident saved us more than once after round 15, believe me when I say this) and I had a S12 and monkey bombs. Another person also had monkey bombs and I don't know the rest of the weapons. I think 2 people also had nano grenades (not really necessary, but they also can help).

I could have tried the printer multiple times to get something else good (like another blunderbuss of trident), but it's better to simply pack a punch your good gun to MK7 or 8 than to waste your money trying to get something godly and end up with 2 under powered guns.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 07 Aug 15 at 08:08
mossfan563I have a question: if you die and your teammates kill Oz on round 20, do you not get the achievement?
Posted by mossfan563 on 07 Aug 15 at 16:13
TheTylerFarrI have no idea. I did this on my first run right after beating the EE. Sorry Moss.
Posted by TheTylerFarr on 07 Aug 15 at 16:25
LordFightALotI just tried Solo and unlocked this achievement straight away! The first time I used the 3D printer, I got the Ameli (good for the Round 13 fight) and the second time I got the Blunderbuss! Super lucky! I only upgraded the Ameli once and I upgraded the Blunderbuss to Mk 10 or something. The ending fight was a joke, that simple. You only want to look out for the Rounds 14-19, because running the same repetitive and boring train of zombies in the Spa is going to make you tired, and that will cause you to make mistakes and die!
Posted by LordFightALot on 08 Aug 15 at 09:26
FLYN NE WEATHER@Moss You do get the achievement if you die and your teammate defeats oz..
Posted by FLYN NE WEATHER on 12 Aug 15 at 06:21
Demon Slayer050Don't know if anyone else had this problem but I beat it today solo and no achievement. NO LOVE! I do want to say one of the shotguns is a must. I had the Trident up to level 15, and I probably did 7 or 8 rounds of restarting the generators before killing the boss.
Posted by Demon Slayer050 on 19 Aug 15 at 03:25
Shadow64My friend can beat him almost everytime. I happened to join his game just as he started round 20. I was not spawned and just observing until next round. He killed Oz and the achievement popped for me! Awesome!! I didn't have to do anything.
Posted by Shadow64 on 06 Sep 15 at 10:27
ScottLodgerJust need to do this and the EE, they're killers though!!
Posted by ScottLodger on 15 Sep 15 at 23:26
Mr HaahooJust did this solo with the s12 upgraded and an ai rocket drone. Was much easier solo. No achievement pop though. Not sure why.
Posted by Mr Haahoo on 21 Sep 15 at 23:03
CReaper210This is VERY easy when solo. Just get to the box and use it 2-3 times. If you don't get the blunderbuss, restart and do it again.
Once you get the blunderbuss, you only need to stay alive.

The only necessary perks are health and reload. I recommend health first, then reload. And then spend your money on nothing but upgrades. It's worth noting for people that haven't done this yet that upgrades only cost $1500 in double down as opposed to $2500 in normal zombies.

The fight with Oz at round 13 is easy. Just avoid everything as normal, staying to the outside of the arena. And when the shield opens, it takes 1-2 shots with the blunderbuss to defear Oz in each window.

I had my blunderbuss at MK 20 by round 19, so when I got into the Oz fight, it took just one shot to take down the 25% health.

This achievement is really not as hard as it seems. If you can get lucky and get the blunderbuss really fast, just stay alive long enough to get exo health and reload and it's pretty much normal zombies from then on.
Posted by CReaper210 on 04 Mar 16 at 02:04
ShaneanigensI have the easter egg completed from awhile back with friends. The question I have though is do you have to complete the easter egg normally, THEN activate double feature in the same game? Or can I just start up a brand new game now and activate it and kill him to get the achievement?
Posted by Shaneanigens on 20 Feb 17 at 04:56
TheTylerFarrYou can start up a brand new game and activate it and get the achievement!
Posted by TheTylerFarr on 20 Feb 17 at 14:43
ShaneanigensSweet thanks!
Posted by Shaneanigens on 26 Feb 17 at 20:23
McAwesomePTafter tanking the second boss fight one too many times, ive followed the above recomendations: get blunderbuss, max level possible (got it to lvl 19) health and reload. nothing else. two shot kill every single time. he no longer remained alive after each iteration. so so much easier. happy 2018 everyone
Posted by McAwesomePT on 08 Jan 18 at 18:31
Lord Betusblunderbuss is super super op in this. That and this games equivalent to monkey bombs saved me multiple times. In the final boss fight I recommend saving up your camouflages. You can use these in order to only focus on Oz. He will still come after you when you are in it, but the other zombies wont.
Posted by Lord Betus on 02 Dec 19 at 02:52
Lord Betusand I only had my blunderbuss at mk8 or 9. didn't really even use my second weapon. So you don't have to have it super high
Posted by Lord Betus on 02 Dec 19 at 02:55