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Rainbow Collection

Gather all 16 colours of wool.

Rainbow Collection-0.4
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05 Aug 2015
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This achievement is gained by collecting 16 blocks of wool, each a different colour. You only need block of wool for each colour. This
must be done in survival. It can be completed on any difficulty.

Some colours can be found naturally occurring on sheep or in the land, however most require (or are easier to get) the use of dye on white wool.

Shears will help with collecting enough white wool to dye. However, killing a sheep will net you one wool (coloured depending on sheep colour). Shears are crafted as such:

External image

Bonemeal is crafted by placing a single bone in your crafting menu.

Flowers are found in the wild, most commonly on plains. To create dye from a flower, simply put the flower into your crafting menu and retrieve the dye.

Some raw materials:

- Ink sacs are dropped by squids, which spawn in deep water.
- Cacti are found in desert biomes.
- bones are dropped from skeletons, and occasionally found in naturally spawning chests (smithy, dungeon, temple).
- String is dropped by spiders and spider webs.
- Lapis lazuli is obtained by mining lapis lazuli ore, which is found deep underground, and is blue.
- Cocoa beans are found in dungeon chests, or are dropped from destroying brown pods that grow on jungle trees.


White wool - this is the basic and most common wool. It can be created with four strings by placing them in the crafting table as a square. It is easier to find on sheep. Use shears to get large quantities of white wool from each sheep.

Orange wool - Apply orange dye to white wool. Orange dye is created from orange tulips or by mixing yellow dye and red dye.

Magenta wool - Apply magenta dye to white wool. Magenta dye is created from purple flowers (allium and lilacs) or by mixing purple and pink dye.

Light blue wool - Apply light blue dye to white wool. Light blue dye is created from Blue Orchids or by mixing lapis lazuli and bonemeal.

Yellow wool - Apply yellow dye to white wool. Yellow dye is created from yellow flowers (dandelions and sunflowers).

Lime wool - Apply lime dye to white wool. Lime dye is created from mixing bonemeal and green dye.

Pink wool - Apply pink dye to white wool or obtain as a drop from pink sheep (extremely rare). Pink dye is created pink flowers (pink tulips and peonies).

Gray wool - Apply gray dye to white wool or obtain as a drop from gray sheep (uncommon). Gray dye is created by mixing bonemeal and ink sacs.

Light gray wool - Apply light gray dye to white wool or obtain as a drop from light gray sheep (uncommon). Light gray dye is created from gray/white flowers (azure bluets, oxeye daisy, and white tulips) or by mixing gray dye with bonemeal.

Cyan wool - Apply cyan dye to white wool. Cyan dye is created by mixing lapis lazuli and green dye.

Purple wool - Apply purple dye to white wool. Purple dye is created by mixing red dye and lapis lazuli.

Blue wool - Apply lapis lazuli to white wool. Lapis lazuli is obtained by mining lapis lazuli ore, which is found deep underground, and is blue.

Brown wool - Apply cocoa bean to white wool or obtain as a drop from brown sheep (rare). Cocoa beans are found in dungeon chests, or are dropped from destroying brown pods that grow on jungle trees.

Green wool - Apply green dye to white wool. Green dye is created by melting cacti in a furnace.

Red wool - Apply red dye to white wool. Red dye is created from red flowers (red tulips, rose bushes, poppies).

Black wool - Apply ink sac to white wool, or obtain as a drop from black sheep (uncommon), or obtain from de-constructing street lighting in npc villages. Ink sacs are dropped by squids, which spawn in deep water.

End note:

Now you have all the colours of wool. Make sure they are in your inventory and the achievement should unlock.
TerebrAHI have all of the wool colors in my inventory but the achievement will not unlock. I've done this twice now, two different worlds and two different computers.

Anyone else having any problems?
Posted by TerebrAH on 26 Nov 15 at 00:21
zsoltee53This must be done in one game? Because the world I started not have desert and jungle biomes, so I can't do this. I can start a new world only for this achievement, but which seed have all required biomes? I'm new in Minecraft, sorry. :D
Posted by zsoltee53 on 26 Nov 15 at 17:00
Qozulzsoltee53 - You should have the biomes in your world, but they may be a long way from the spawn point. When I did mine I travelled a long way to find the necessary components.

TerebrAH - I am unsure what the problem is for you because if you have followed the guide then you should have the achievement. Just in case it affects anything for some reason... place them all and pick them up again, or put them in a chest and retrieve them.
Posted by Qozul on 26 Nov 15 at 17:32
zsoltee53I found other biomes, thank you! :)

TererbrAH, just keep trying. My achievement popped after the 3rd try in 30-40 seconds.
Posted by zsoltee53 on 26 Nov 15 at 22:55
napoearthThis has been the biggest pain in the ass for me so far. I have created 5 worlds trying to get this. Every world but one has no desert nearby to get the cactus. The one that did have a desert biome, has no brown or gray sheep, or pink or magenta flowers. This is with me traveling an hour plus per world. I wish someone could provide a seed that would have everything in a reasonable distance.
Posted by napoearth on 01 Dec 15 at 13:26
Qozul3083175 is the seed I used. I went south to find a lot of biomes, took a bit of walking though. Also, east took me towards snow once I had reached the acacia biome. East from the spawn had a sea (a long way east).

Brown, gray, black, and pink sheep have a chance of spawning, it is not dependant upon the seed.

As an extra note, you can create two versions, one in creative. In your creative version just fly around and use speed potions to go super fast, this will allow you to scout the world out first.
Posted by Qozul on 01 Dec 15 at 13:56
napoearthQozul: Thanks a lot for the seed, I actually after probably two and a half hours of walking found a pasture with the flowers and sheep I needed. Only problem is I got all of the wool in my inventory and no achievement.

zsoltee53: What do you mean 3rd try? You created 3 different worlds and got all of the wool 3 times, or you put it in a chest and then put it in your inventory 3 times?
Posted by napoearth on 01 Dec 15 at 21:31
PresidioI thought this was the best guide on that specific achievement I have seen. I have done all 16 colored wools and put them inside a chest by themselves; however, this achievement has not unlocked. I don't know why, all the others have. I went down the list and how they were made and are there (I checked them off). So how do I get it to unlock?
Posted by Presidio on 11 Dec 15 at 23:06
QozulThanks. It seems as though lots of people have difficulty actually getting this achievement to work. Try collecting all of the wool in your inventory, dropping them, then pick them up. This worked for me.
Posted by Qozul on 12 Dec 15 at 07:47
PresidioWow, thanks. That did it; I put them down as you said, picked them up and the achievement unlocked. The only one I have left is to give a diamond; however, I keep trying to give it to a zombie, enderman or villager and no one seems to want to pick it up. Thoughts?
Posted by Presidio on 12 Dec 15 at 23:13
QozulYou have to give the diamonds to another player i.e. a real person playing the game, so it wont work on mobs such as villagers.
Posted by Qozul on 12 Dec 15 at 23:23
PresidioThanks again, will do.
Posted by Presidio on 13 Dec 15 at 13:55
Unmet PlayerI just got this achievement after i made the lime and cyan blocks. I had no other wool in my inventory. This means that you only need to MAKE the wool, and it does not need to be the same world.
Posted by Unmet Player on 19 Feb 16 at 02:38
SashamorningOh wow. If THAT'S true, I've seen different materials in a few of the premade worlds.
Posted by Sashamorning on 03 Mar 16 at 02:46
SashamorningPink dye can also be made from red dye and bonemeal.
Posted by Sashamorning on 12 Mar 16 at 01:53
littlewolfE200Me and my friend have all of the colors of wool and when we held all of them nothing happend we sat there for 5 mins and nothing. we know achievements work on that world because we got 2 of them that same day so I think the achievement is bugged.
Posted by littlewolfE200 on 14 Apr at 16:28