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Manifest Destiny

Kill the last buffalo in the Great Plains in Single Player.

Manifest Destiny0
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04 Jun 2010
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There are 20 buffalo that don't respawn so once you kill them they are dead.. mostly found in the great plains. I personally tried to complete this achievement before completeting the mission "For Purely Scientific Purposes" and i managed to kill 18 buffalo but couldn't find anymore even using bait .. so i gave up and continued with the story .. when i got to the mission "For Purely Scientific Purposes" at the beggining you are riding with mc and and nasada . You come across what i guess is supposed to be a heard of buffalo they comment on it.. but in my case there was only two running i popped them both that was it.

Hope this helps. in short you need to complete that mission before you have access to all the buffalo
mikeldd2ummm okay .. i wasted 3 hours trying to find them .. so if you guys want to "hunt" them down its up too u... but Like i said in my last solution i couldn't kill them all till that mission but thanks for your help sogeman :(
Posted by mikeldd2 on 06 Jun 10 at 16:21
CEREAL KILLAH23I've yet to do a mission in Blackwater and yet i was just exploring the area when I came upon the herd. I used Dead Eye as much as possible and only two escaped. Later on i came upon the remaining 2 and killed them, end of story.

You can get this achievement as soon as you gain access to the 3rd part.
Posted by CEREAL KILLAH23 on 25 Jun 10 at 16:56
mikeldd2yeah but to save time you should kill how ever many you stumble across then when you do that mission they are all right there to kill.. just trying to help thanks killlllllllllller
Posted by mikeldd2 on 25 Jun 10 at 19:35
M3ALLISTERi know it's probably a glitch but i was up in the mountains near nekoti rock i believe and set some bait to attract bears. instead(and this only happened once) a bunch of buffalo started running down the mountainside. pretty good solutions you guys just figured i'd share an odd story:)
Posted by M3ALLISTER on 11 Nov 10 at 21:30
steveRPGmrAnyone who has played this game for an extended period knows it tends to be glitchy. I've had random buffalo show up on the Great Plains even -AFTER- I fired the Manifest Destiny achievement; but never more than one at a time and they will be very few and very far apart...
Posted by steveRPGmr on 04 Apr 14 at 16:09