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Newton's Revenge

Solar Jetman: Over time, tow 50 items back to the mothership.

Newton's Revenge0
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08 Aug 2015 01 Jun 2016
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If you play through the game normally you will get this easily.

But, if you used the cheat codes to get the other achievements (see the achievement guides for:
Rare ReplayInterstellar TradingThe Interstellar Trading achievement in Rare Replay worth 90 pointsSolar Jetman: Use all three jetpods over time.

Rare ReplayHeart of GoldThe Heart of Gold achievement in Rare Replay worth 93 pointsSolar Jetman: Collect all pieces of the Golden Warpship over time.

and don't want to run the entire game, or at least half of the game, for this one achievement here's what you can do!;

Simply load up the first mission, grab the very first item in the game (just go to the left and then down, then when the path branches you can either go left, or right. The ship part or the gem will both work for the achievemet), grab the item and bring it all the way to your ship. From here, make a save right before you drop the item in your ship, drop the item in, load and repeat! I just tested it literally in the last 5 minutes and it works like a charm!

The item I used (on the left path) is a blue diamond about the size of your ship.
Here is a picture of what it looks like:
Image 1

Alternatively you can use the gems scattered throughout the level. The first one is the right path of the fork, pretty much directly below the start.
Here is a picture of what they look like:
External image

If you don't want to do this, the game is actually kind of fun, so just play through the game!
MorbidEclipse24Yeah, I tried this with a gem and saved right as it was being pulled in. Works great!
Posted by MorbidEclipse24 on 06 Oct 15 at 10:03
AnubsethI don't find this game as fun as any other game in the collection. For me it's the least fun game to play in the whole collection. But this is my opinion only! Nonetheless, great solution! Upvoted!
Posted by Anubseth on 02 Nov 15 at 14:45
DCM7734I have no idea where this item is, or what it looks like. I'm sorry, but trying to use this solution is way to frustrating. It's gonna be a downvote from me until you update it.
Posted by DCM7734 on 30 May 16 at 15:59
ReptarOnIce3000@DCM7734. Hey sorry for the inconvenience. The item is a blue diamond looking thing. I'm not 100% sure what it's ACTUALLY supposed to be, but that's the best description I can give. Hope that helps. Updating the solution now. I will even post a picture of it in the solution.
Posted by ReptarOnIce3000 on 31 May 16 at 00:14
DCM7734When you go down to the left, it branches. You need to go to the right. Essentially, right under the landing area.
Posted by DCM7734 on 31 May 16 at 01:35
ReptarOnIce3000Either item should work I suppose. I did not try using the item on the right, only the left. There is one to the right and one to the left. Was the item to the left not working for you?? (The item in the picture) The item on the left was what I used.
Posted by ReptarOnIce3000 on 31 May 16 at 17:10
ReptarOnIce3000There, I edited into the solution that you can go either left, or right at the fork, as both items should work.
Posted by ReptarOnIce3000 on 31 May 16 at 17:12
DCM7734The item in the picture kept dragging me down. I couldn't go anywhere.
Posted by DCM7734 on 31 May 16 at 22:17
ReptarOnIce3000Interesting...I'm not sure why it does that, as it's been about 9 months since I played the game. I'll do some testing myself and see why that's happening to you, cuz I do know for a fact that that's the item I used to the achievement...
Posted by ReptarOnIce3000 on 01 Jun 16 at 04:05
ReptarOnIce3000I have added a picture of the gem in question to the solution as well. Now there should be no confusion!
Posted by ReptarOnIce3000 on 01 Jun 16 at 04:11
Nv DefinesIf the item is dragging you down, aim your ship directly up :p
Posted by Nv Defines on 29 Oct 16 at 14:29
MizerisMoneyThe game is actually kinda fun? Are you serious? This game fucking sucks. It took them 6 years to come out with another jetman game and they actually made it worse. Now that's hard to do.
Posted by MizerisMoney on 04 Aug 19 at 20:09
Xv MysticsThis game is so bad... its so fucking bad
Posted by Xv Mystics on 07 Jul at 19:41