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Classic Speed Run

Get your fastest win times in Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell to add up to 10 minutes or less

Classic Speed Run0
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09 Aug 2015 21 May 2016
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This game was updated around November 2015. Playing FreeCell games where you specify the game number no longer count. I'm sorry to say this has made this achievement much harder unless you have a Windows Phone.

Thanks to lucas1987 for bringing this to my attention.
This is based on the solution I wrote for Windows Phone back in March 2014 - Solution for Classic Speed Run in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (WP)

Make sure the game options are set to Draw 1. Keep dealing new games until you get some good face-up cards. Play until all the face-down cards are face-up or on the foundation piles, and all the cards from the deck are placed on the board. Then hit the solve button in the bottom right corner (do not waste time manually moving the cards on to the foundation piles). I was lucky and got a time of 2m55s.

I still find it hard to win a game of Spider in under 8 minutes (I don't know how people manage to clear 104 cards off the board in 4 minutes!). Make sure the game options are set to 1 Suit. As usual, try and create free columns as soon as possible. You will need to keep trying new games until you get an "easy" one and can complete it in the time you have remaining. I was finally able to win a game of Spider in 6m43s.

That leaves whatever time you have left to win a game of FreeCell. In my case that was just 23 seconds, which would be pretty much impossible. So you will need to improve your Klondike and Spider times, to give you more time to complete FreeCell.

However, if you have a Windows Phone you can complete Freecell game 10913 in around 10 seconds using my own visual "at-a-glance" move notation (reading from left to right) and a bit of practice. The stats from Windows Phone transfer to Windows 8 after playing a single game on Windows 8. You can even start the game on Windows 8 and play it all the way up to the last move, and then finish it on Windows Phone.

--- 1 ---|--- 2 ---|-- 3 ---|--- 4 ---|-- 5 ---|--- 6 ---|--- 7 ---|--- 8 ---
===== |===== |=====|===== |=====|=====|===== |=====
---------| 5D->6|---------|---------|---------|---------| 4C->6 |---------
---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------| TC->2 |---------
---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------| 8S->2 |---------
---------|---------|---------|---------| 9D->#|---------|---------|---------
---------| JH->7 |---------|---------| 7D->7| 6S->7 |---------|---------
6D->#|---------|---------|--------- |---------| 6H->1|---------|---------
---------|---------|---------| 5S->1 |---------|---------|---------|---------
---------|---------|---------| 4H->$|---------|---------|---------|---------
---------|---------|---------| 5H->$|---------|---------|---------|---------
---------|---------|---------| 4D->1|---------|---------|---------|---------
---------|---------|---------| 8H->5|---------|---------|---------|---------
---------|---------| KC->4|---------|---------| QC->#|---------|---------
---------|---------|---------|---------| 9S->#|---------|---------|---------

# - Freecell ...... $ - Foundation
T - Ten ............. C - Clubs
J -- Jack ............ D - Diamonds
Q - Queen ....... H - Hearts
K - King ............ S - Spades
lucas1987Fyi, when u type the game number in, it says it won't count towards the statistics therefore this is patched for freecell
Posted by lucas1987 on 21 May 16 at 04:32
KILLING5PR33Does the windows 8 phone method still work?
Posted by KILLING5PR33 on 23 Jun 17 at 17:07